Effortless: Getting an NBI Clearance using GCash

NBI Clearance using GCash

You can pay for an online clearance using GCash using this post, which explains how to register on the NBI clearance site, and apply for a clearance.

NBI Clearance using GCash offers a hassle-free and efficient way to obtain your National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance certificate. Say goodbye to long queues and complicated payment processes. With GCash, you can simplify your NBI clearance application, making it a seamless experience from start to finish. Learn how to leverage the power of digital payments and streamline your NBI clearance journey.

For many official applications in the Philippines, the NBI Clearance is a requirement. Almost all of our daily activities involve it – whether it is finding a job, starting a business, or traveling abroad. The document is generally used as a form of identification and as a quick way to verify someone’s identity and to find out whether they have any criminal records.

As the NBI Clearance is a national document, it supersedes both regional police clearances and barangay clearances.

It previously took two days to get one: a request must be filed and payment must be made, and the clearance itself must be claimed. The NBI Clearance Portal makes it easy for you to complete all the first day steps online.

What should I do to get my NBI clearance?

The first option is to sign up for the site for the first time and get a clearance. The second option is to sign up for the site if you have already gotten a clearance, and the third option is for a first-time jobseeker.

If you claim your clearance, you will need to provide two copies of your government-issued ID as proof that the information you put in there is accurate.

Those seeking their first job

The NBI clearance dues are waived for first-time job applicants under RA 11261. In addition, you must also obtain a barangay clearance stating you are a first-time job seeker who has lived in the area for at least 6 months. There is only a one-year validity period for this barangay clearance. It is primarily beneficial to you because you get your clearance for free. Nevertheless, the other criteria remain the same.

As a result, you get two benefits, plus you also get the barangay clearance you need for this benefit. As well as police clearances, marriage certificates, TIN applications, and UMID applications, you can also apply for this benefit.

The first-time job seeker portal is the place where you should register instead. During the application process, the payment portion will be skipped. Once the one-time password is prompted, enter all the required information. A clearance can now be applied for once all the steps have been completed.

NBI Clearance using GCash

Registration without prior clearance for the first time

There are several types of users that can benefit from this:

  • Applicants who are new to the job market, but not new jobseekers.
  • No NBI clearance on the new account.
  • The previous clearance has been corrected, resulting in a new account.
NBI Clearance using GCash

The registration process involves visiting the NBI clearance page, and ticking No on the “Having NBI clearance from 2014 to Present” box under the Register section. The one-time password needs to be entered after entering all information. Your clearance application can now be submitted.

Registrant with previous clearance, but first time

Those who have previously cleared will be able to use this option. Due to the fact that you already have a clearance to validate yourself, registration is simpler. In addition to the previous clearance number, you must still enter the one-time password.

NBI Clearance using GCash

What is the process for renewing my NBI clearance?

Your NBI clearance can now be renewed after you’ve registered. The option for picking up or delivering your old clearance depends on whether you have it.

Delivery of online renewals

For some, it makes it easier because they don’t have to take an off day to claim clearance, which can save them time and money.

You must have an existing clearance prior to doing this, and this clearance must be dated after October 16, 2016. Since the biometrics data can be reused for that clearance, there is no need to create a new one. A personal claim will have to be made if it cannot be made online.

NBI Clearance using GCash

Afterward, enter your delivery address, then finally make payment. You will need to verify your old clearance with other information.

NBI Clearance using GCash

Regardless of whether you get a hit or not, you will have to interview at NBI.

Check your old certificate if you forget your old NBI ID number by typing in your name and email/number on the lookup page and the lookup option will find it if you enter your name and email/number.

Personal claims

As a general rule, most people apply online, pay online, and collect on the scheduled day. In the past, filing a request, paying dues, and claiming was more time consuming without scheduling.

When logged into the portal, you can click on the “Apply for Clearance” button, choose your NBI branch and the schedule for when you plan to clear. Your chosen payment method will be available once you have completed the process.

It is important to bring two government-issued IDs if you intend to file your claim in person. You can also order your birth certificate online and have it delivered to you if you only have one government ID.

The biometrics (fingerprints, photo, signature) will be taken at your scheduled appointment.

The barangay clearance requirement must be submitted by first-time job seekers.

NBI Clearance using GCash

The GCash payment process for NBI Clearance is quite simple.

Paying via the Internet

Online payments require only that you choose a payment method to make the payment for the clearance. The easiest way to make payments is through GCash, Maya, and Shopee Pay, as other payment methods either need to be over-the-counter or aren’t well known. There are 155 Php in total fees.

The total fees will vary depending on the location of delivery if you choose the online renewal route.

You will not need to pay if you register as a first-time job seeker.However, Barangay certificates are still required.

In case you need to submit proof of payment when claiming your clearance, make a note of the reference number or take a screenshot.

NBI Clearance using GCash

Bills can be paid using GCash Pay

GCash offers Pay Bills as an alternative if you are unable to pay online right now. When paying with Pay Bills, you can use the Reference Number.

Eventually, the posting will appear on the website when it occurs, though it may take a while. If you want to claim your clearance, a screenshot or a notation of the reference number will serve as proof of payment.

NBI Clearance using GCash

How we get NBI Clearance using GCash:

A GCash clearance can be obtained in the following general steps:

1. Prepare Your Requirements:

   Your valid ID and personal information must be ready, along with all the documents you will need.

2. Download the GCash App:

   The GCash app can be downloaded from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (for Android).

3. Register for GCash:

   Use your mobile number to register for a GCash account if you aren’t already registered. The registration process can be completed by following the instructions on the screen.

4. Fund Your GCash Wallet:

   To pay for the NBI Clearance processing fee, you must load money into your GCash wallet. GCash partners with stores and kiosks to enable you to link your bank account.

5. Access the NBI Clearance Online Application:

   For more information about NBI Clearance, please visit their official website. Your personal information and the details of your appointment should be filled out on the application form.

6. Schedule an Appointment:

   Make an appointment with the NBI Clearance branch of your choice at a convenient time. This step requires the selection of the GCash payment option.

7. Pay the NBI Clearance Fee using GCash:

   The payment instructions will be provided once you have selected GCash as your method of payment. You can pay bills or QR codes by opening your GCash app. Pay the required amount and input the NBI reference number.

8. Confirmation and Reference Number:

   A confirmation of your appointment will be sent to you once the payment has been made and a reference number has been assigned. In order to visit the NBI Clearance branch, you will need this information.

9. Visit the NBI Clearance Center:

   Visit the NBI Clearance branch you chose on the day of your scheduled appointment. If you need any other documents, be sure to bring your reference number and valid identification. Biometric data and photos should be captured according to the procedures.

10. Claim Your NBI Clearance:

    The NBI Clearance certificate will be sent to you after the processing is complete. Before leaving the NBI branch, verify all the information is accurate.

How does a HIT work?

The term “HIT” refers to people with criminal records. Due to the NBI’s need for further investigation, this takes longer than usual to verify. As a result, you’ll also need to set up another interview so you can clarify this with them. As a matter of fact, this certificate is about ensuring that there are no pending legal cases pertaining to you.

A government ID and proof of payment, as well as a reference number, are required as proof of identity. As government offices have strict dress codes, you should also be in proper attire.

In this instance, you would be able to accomplish an affidavit of denial if you do not have any ongoing cases. A notary would have to take an oath in the presence of a resident lawyer in the same office to notarize this affidavit. It will be released the same day as your clearance.

Please bring a copy of the decision and a photocopy if you have a pending case that has already been decided. The case number will appear on your NBI clearance if the case is still pending.

There is no such thing as a “HIT” in a civil case. It is only for criminal cases.


Does an NBI appointment application have to be submitted to get a clearance?

No.The NBI takes days to process a clearance request, so you’ll need it to claim your clearance. The same applies if you apply and pay in person without clearance. The actual clearance will have to be obtained another day.

What is the validity period of the NBI clearance?

It is stated in the clearance itself that the clearance is valid for one year. The application must be resubmitted once it has expired.

Would a QR code or number be sufficient to verify an NBI clearance?

You can enter the clearance online and the tool will provide you with the picture of the person, along with their name, and if the clearance is valid or not.

Can I cancel my appointment if I miss it?

Providing proof of payment and the reference number, you can go after your scheduled appointment.


The NBI clearance can be obtained online. In order to apply for clearance, you must first register on the NBI website. Paying with GCash is convenient as you can send payments online or by paying bills with GCash.

In the case of previous clearances, your clearance can be delivered. As this involves getting your biometrics and signature, you should most likely claim it in person.

The steps to follow if you do receive a HIT were also explained.

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