Elevate Your Gaming Experience by Buying Call of Duty Cod Points using GCash in 2023

Buying Call of Duty Cod Points using GCash

There has been a surge in popularity of Call of Duty mobile games in recent years. The app also contains a large number of microtransactions. Due to the operation of the COD franchise by Garena in the Philippines, microtransactions must be conducted using the Garena currency, called shells.

I am going to explain what GCash is, and what it can be used for. This post will explain how you can buy Garena shells using GCash.

Step by Step Buying Call of Duty Cod Points using GCash

According to my September 2022 knowledge update, the use of GCash for purchasing Call of Duty Points may not have been possible directly, but you could buy Google Play or Apple App Store gift cards using GCash instead. Then you can buy Call of Duty Points within the game with these gift cards by using them as in-app purchases.

I’ve listed some general ideas below for how you might have been able to accomplish this:

  • Install the GCash App:If you have not already done so, you can download and install the GCash app on your smartphone. Make sure you have set up and funded your GCash account.
  • The Google Play Store or Apple App Store can be linked to GCash (for Android and iOS):
    • Among the apps on Google Play (Google Play):
      • Go to the Google Play Store and install the app.
      • You can open the menu by tapping the three horizontal lines in the top-left corner.
      • Payment methods” should be selected.
      • You can then select “GCash” from the list of payment methods.
      • Your GCash account will be linked to your Google Play account once you follow the prompts.
    • iOS (Apple App Store):
      • Download an app from the App Store.
      • Choose your Apple ID from the list at the bottom.
      • Sign in if needed by selecting “View Apple ID.”.
      • You can add funds to your Apple ID by tapping on “Add Funds.”
      • Follow the instructions for choosing “GCash” as your payment method.
  • Gift Cards for Apple App Store or Google Play can be purchased with GCash:
    • GCash balances can be used to purchase gift cards for Google Play or Apple App Store. These gift cards can be purchased from a variety of retail stores or online platforms.
  • Redeem the Gift Card:
    • The back of the gift card has a code that needs to be scratched off.
    • The Google Play Store on Android requires you to open it, tap the “Redeem” link on the left-hand menu, and enter the gift card code.
    • You can redeem a gift card on iOS by opening the App Store, scrolling down, and tapping “Redeem Gift Card.”
  • Use the Credit to Buy Call of Duty Points:
    • Call of Duty: Warzone or Call of Duty: Mobile can be downloaded for free.
    • The in-game store can be found by going to the game menu.
    • Make your Call of Duty Points purchase by selecting a bundle.
    • During checkout, you can choose to pay with your Google Play or Apple App Store balance.

Since my last update in September 2022, payment methods and procedures may have changed. If you’re looking to make in-game purchases, check the GCash app, your app store, or the Call of Duty game you’re playing for the most current information and instructions. The payment options may also vary based on regional availability.

How can I buy COD points quickly and easily?

If you have a Google Pay account linked to your GCash, you can buy it within the game. Apps can be downloaded from Google Play as well as Apple App Store.

Using Google Play GCash to buy Call of Duty Points

  1. The Store button can be found in the lower left corner of the screen, or the COD point tally can be found in the upper right corner.
  2. A page for the Store would appear if you clicked on the Store button. You can view the different point bundles available by clicking on the COD Points button. You will also see this screen if you click on COD point tally.
  3. The game lets you buy directly from your Google Play account once it has been linked. The process can be completed by clicking on the buy button.
Buying Call of Duty Cod Points using GCash

How can COD Points be purchased in other ways?

Due to its maintenance by Garena, COD points are primarily purchased using Garena Shells. The three main ways to buy Garena Shells are: via GCash, within Garena, and through Codashop; however, I will focus on the first two.

For you to convert Garena Shells into actual COD Points, you must first learn how to redeem them.

Regardless of where you buy Garena Shells, you must redeem them through Garena’s website.

COD Points can be redeemed for Garena Shells

  1. You must log in with the Garena account that you used for COD to access the Garena site.
  2. You can access Call of Duty: Mobile – Garena by visiting the main page.
  3. To pay using a Garena Prepaid Card, click on it.
  4. Adding your code and clicking Confirm will take you to the Prepaid Card page.

Garena Shells can be purchased using GCash in what ways?

Game Credits can be bought with GCash within the game. In addition to purchasing from Game Credits, you can also buy from Non-Telco Load, however, the selection isn’t as extensive as it is with Telco Load.

With GCash, you can buy Garena Shells

  1. To get Game Credits, click on the Pay Section on the GCash main page and click View All.
  2. You will need to enter your Game Credits number and click Next. You can find all Garena Shell promotions on the next page by clicking the Garena tab. Decide which one you want to buy.
  3. To receive the redemption code, confirm the payment. The Garena site will then let you redeem it.
Buying Call of Duty Cod Points using GCash

Additionally, Non-Telco Load offers a mixed selection of goods.

Buy Garena Shells from Non-Telco Load with GCash

  1. You can load GCash by clicking on the “Load” button on the home page. Select Next from the menu.
  2. You can choose Garena Shells under the Game Credits tab under the Buy Load option.
  3. The SMS with their code will arrive as soon as you confirm the payment. Once that has been done, redeem it at the Garena site I mentioned earlier.
Buying Call of Duty Cod Points using GCash

What is the best way to buy Shells from Garena?

The Garena site also allows you to purchase Shells directly. Your linked AMEX card can also be used, and there are different payment methods available. GCash AMEX Cards should be linked to PayPal first if you wish to do so.

Shells from Garena can be purchased there

  1. You can access the Garena shop by logging in. The username and password you use for COD must match.
  2. You will be able to access Call of Duty Mobile by clicking the icon. There are three methods of buying Shells: using a prepaid card, using your old shells, or buying them directly. The Shell top-up page will be displayed if you are purchasing.
  3. Shells can be purchased using a variety of payment methods on the top-up page. In the first method, you log in with Paypal, and the last method is to pay through Paypal with a debit card or a credit card.
  4. Your shells will be redeemed once you make the payment.
Buying Call of Duty Cod Points using GCash
Buying Call of Duty Cod Points using GCash

Codashop is where I can purchase Garena Shells. How do I do that?

You can buy Garena Shells from Codashop, which is a big marketplace. Due to their integration with GCash, Codashop makes it easy to buy.

Codashop is the best place to buy Garena Shells

  1. You can purchase Call of Duty: Mobile from Codashop.
  2. Choose GCash as your payment option, then enter your email address and select your voucher (minimum Php 50).
  3. GCash is the preferred method of payment. The voucher will be emailed to you as soon as the payment is successful. Once redeemed on Garena’s site, you can enjoy it. Check out my Codashop guide for a more detailed look at Codashop.
Buying Call of Duty Cod Points using GCash

What is the process for getting Garena Shells from GCash?

If you wish to add funds to your GCash wallet, you can do so directly through your bank account. This is the simplest method since you don’t have to physically leave your house.

GCash must be added as a payment method to both Apple and Google accounts. How to install an app on the Apple Store or Android Market


The various channels through which you can buy COD Points through GCash were discussed. Google Play’s GCash payment option is the easiest way to purchase the app. Furthermore, Garena shell vouchers can be purchased from GCash, Garena Shop, and CodaShop. It is possible to redeem these vouchers on Garena’s website.

GCash’s seamless transaction allows you to buy Call of Duty Points using your Google Play (for Android) or Apple App Store (for iOS) accounts. GCash funds can be used to purchase Call of Duty Points in-game through gift cards purchased with your GCash balance and redeemed within the respective app store. Players who prefer GCash for their in-game purchases can use this method for convenience and flexibility. The latest payment options and procedures may vary from region to region, however, so you’ll need to stay informed about them. For accurate and up-to-date instructions on using GCash for in-game transactions, consult the GCash app, app stores, or the Call of Duty game.

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