How to Claim Your Western Union Remittance via GCash

How to Claim Your Western Union Remittance via GCash

If you send money through Western Union, you usually go to the remittance center and then your recipient claims the money from their local Western Union agent. Do you know that you can claim your Western Union remittance online using GCash? Yes, you do not have to visit the Western Union remittance center to claim your payout. With the GCash app, you can do it right on your mobile device.

Thousands of Filipinos use Western Union to remit their hard-earned money to their families and loved ones back home. Everyone can send money anywhere in the world with over 500,000 agent locations in more than 200 countries.

The Western Union agent outlet was the usual place where I used to collect my money. Having to fill out a payout form, present a valid ID, and wait for the teller to release the cash after converting it into local currency took some time and effort. My Western Union payouts can now be easily and conveniently claimed through the GCash app now that I have the GCash app installed. To claim my money, I don’t have to leave the house and go to Western Union.

In case you don’t have a GCash account, you can create one here and get free $50 in your wallet after verification. You must verify your GCash account before you can claim money from Western Union. 

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Claim Your Western Union Remittance via GCash

How to Transfer Money From Western Union to Gcash

Log in to your GCash app and select “Cash In.”

Select “Western Union” from “Remittance.”

How to Claim Your Western Union Remittance via GCash

You must provide both the Western Union reference number, or MTCN, and the expected amount in Philippine pesos.

You must first convert any foreign currency into Philippine pesos if the payment is in US dollars. To convert your foreign currency to pesos, click here. In the next step, the system will automatically provide the exact amount if you entered the exact amount in pesos.

Click “NEXT” to continue.

In the confirmation screen, you can now see the amount you’ll receive, as well as the MTCN and the sender’s name. Click “CONFIRM” to complete the transaction.

How to Claim Your Western Union Remittance via GCash

Congratulations! GCash has successfully credited your Western Union account. See if you have received the amount on your GCash balance.

Additionally, you will receive a text message confirming your Western Union cash-in transaction. You should keep it just in case there is a dispute.

How to Claim Your Western Union Remittance via GCash

You must use the same Western Union recipient name as you do for your GCash account. Other than your own Western Union remittance, you cannot claim a Western Union remittance via GCash.

You can transfer money from your GCash account to your bank account or withdraw cash from any BancNet ATM using your GCash MasterCard.

Transaction Limits

A maximum of $500 (approximately $25,000) is permitted per transaction. Each day, you can receive up to $1,500 (about $75,000).

You should keep in mind that the incoming transaction limit for verified GCash users is $100,000 per month. Hence, if you try to cash in more than your remaining transaction limit, the transaction will fail. In some cases, GCash may be able to increase your transaction limit temporarily without a charge.


Can I receive remittance through GCash?

Yes,It is possible to receive money through GCash using Remitly, Skrill, MoneyGram, and Western Union.

How many hours to receive money from Western Union to GCash?

It will take just a few minutes for your money to appear in your GCash wallet. The money can be withdrawn without going to an agent’s location. In case of a delay, you can contact Western Union support by email or phone.

How do I claim remittance from Western Union?

Western Union agents can provide cash for pick-up at their locations or the cash can be deposited directly into a bank account or mobile wallet based on where you live. Bring your government-issued ID to an agent location near you. A tracking number (MTCN) must also be requested from the sender. 

What happens if Western Union money is not picked up?

If a Money Transfer is not picked up by the Receiver or is not cancelled by the Sender prior to pick up within one (1) year of the date it was sent, there will be a non-refundable The administration charge shall be imposed if permitted by law. Payments will be deducted from the principal amount after the administration charge has been applied.


The process of claiming Western Union remittances with GCash is incredibly simple and straightforward. It is safe and secure to use GCash since it is licensed and monitored by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. The GCash app allows you to shop online, pay bills, and conduct other cashless transactions.

We are happy to assist you if you have any questions or concerns regarding claiming your Western Union remittance through GCash. There is a customer service hotline 2882 you can reach at any time.

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