How to Transfer Money From GrabPay to GCash

How to Transfer Money From GrabPay to GCash

How to Transfer Money From GrabPay to GCash. The GrabPay service allows you to pay fare, order food, and more if you’re a Grab customer. However, GrabPay is not only used to pay within the Grab app. It can also be used as a mobile wallet to transfer money between banks and other e-wallets. GrabPay can be used to transfer money to GCash or vice versa.

You can use GrabPay to make payments for Grab rides, GrabFood orders, and GrabExpress deliveries via the Grab app. GrabPay can also be used for online purchases at sites such as Share Treats and Zalora. GrabPay is also accepted at some stores, such as SM and Watsons.

GCash and PayMaya are both popular e-wallets, though GrabPay is relatively new. My GrabFood orders are the only ones I pay for using GrabPay. When I have excess funds in my GrabPay wallet, I transfer the money to my GCash wallet after I pay for my order.

If you’re interested in knowing how to transfer money from GrabPay to GCash, then continue reading. Verify that your GrabPay account is active and verified. Sending and receiving money with GrabPay is free for all Grab users, but you have to go through a verification process first.

How to Transfer Money From GrabPay to GCash

How to Transfer Money From GrabPay to GCash

Click “Payment” on the lower tab of the Grab app to access GrabPay.

You can check the balance of your “GrabPay wallet” by tapping the GrabPay Wallet banner.

There are two options available to you: cash in or transfer. Click on “Transfer“.

How to Transfer Money From GrabPay to GCash

Next, click “Send to e-wallet.”

Enter the amount of your payment. The transferable balance should not exceed your credit limit.

Click “New E-wallet.”

How to Transfer Money From GrabPay to GCash

After tapping “E-wallet,” click “Select an e-wallet.”

There will be a list of e-wallets that are supported. Choose GCash.

How to Transfer Money From GrabPay to GCash

GCash mobile number and recipient’s name are required. Click “Save E-wallet.

Check your payment details. To proceed, click “Confirm“.

How to Transfer Money From GrabPay to GCash

When prompted, enter your Grab PIN.

How to Transfer Money From GrabPay to GCash

Congratulations! You have successfully transferred GrabPay to GCash. Your successful transaction will be confirmed by GCash via text message.

Make sure the money has already been credited to the recipient’s GCash account. GrabPay to GCash transfers are typically instant. Grab customer support can be found under Account > Help Center if you or your recipient have not received the money after one hour.

You can send money without entering your recipient’s e-wallet details again since GrabPay stores them automatically. Transferring money to another recipient is as easy as selecting “New E-wallet” on the “Choose an E-Wallet” screen and providing the recipient’s information.


How do I cash out my grab pay?

As much as P50 can disappear from our e-wallets and into cyberspace because of annoying additional transfer fees. GCash has partnered with Grab to offer users no transfer fees between the two apps of the ride-sharing and delivery platform.

How do I connect my grab to GCash?

How to Pay for Grab using GCash
On Grab, click “Account”.
Click on “Payment Methods”
Input the details of your GCash account.
Click on the link.

Can I use grab pay to transfer money?

Enter the amount to be transferred to the recipient and confirm it. Confirm the transfer with your GrabPIN. It’s all done! You have transferred funds from your GrabPay Wallet to the recipient’s e-wallet.

How much can I cash in in grab pay?

Basic GrabPay Wallet:    PHP 100,000/Year
Premium GrabPay Wallet:   PHP 250,000/Month

What is the limit of grab wallet?

GrabPay Credits cannot exceed RM 1,500.00 in the Premium GrabPay Wallet and no transaction in the Consumer GrabPay Wallet can exceed this amount. In the Business GrabPay Wallet, users can hold up to RM 15,000 worth of GrabPay Credits at any one time.

Is Grab Wallet safe?

In terms of payment security, GrabPay complies with PCI DSS level 1, which is the highest level. Our data storage, transmission, and processing adhere to the most rigorous standards.


It is easy and fast to send money from GrabPay to GCash. There is no delay in receiving funds into your GCash account because fund transfers are instant. It’s free, too.

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