How To Pay APEC Electric Bill Using GCash?

How To Pay APEC Electric Bill Using GCash

It is becoming more and more important for people to have access to electronic services. In a world where everyone is busy, no one wants to go out to pay their bills. The payment of Bill’s bill is now at your fingertips via GCash and credit cards.

Modern life can often feel hectic, especially when it comes to managing your bills. It is now easier than ever to settle your bills thanks to mobile wallet apps such as GCash.

With the most extensive e-wallet service in the Philippines, GCash is the best choice. The app is running approximately. As more people switch to cashless payment options, P300 billion will be transacted every month. Filipinos now have access to all underfunded sections of the government through the electronic service. 

In addition to paying the electric and water bills, you can also use GCash to pay your credit card bills. You will learn how to pay the APEC Electric Bill using GCash. From the comfort of your own home, you can pay your APEC bills.

The following instructions will guide you through paying your APEC Electric bill using GCash. Here are the steps you can follow to make your APEC Electric bill payments simple.

What Is APEC Electric?

In the Philippines, APEC Electric serves many households and businesses with its electricity distribution services. Since it was founded in 1994, APEC Electric has become a trusted name in the electrical industry by providing reliable and efficient electrical services.

APEC Electric Bills can be paid using GCash as follows:

Step 1: Sign in to GCash

Upon logging into the GCash app with your User ID and Password, you will see a home page with multiple icons. The amount of your e-wallet, icons for paying bills, transferring funds, etc.

How To Pay APEC Electric Bill Using GCash

Step 2: E-Wallet Amount Confirmation

To make a payment, you must have money in your GCash wallet. You should recheck if you can make a payment with the amount. You may need to recharge your e-wallet first before continuing.

Step 3: Choose “Pay Bills ”

Look for the “Pay Bills” option on the home page. You will be redirected to another page after clicking the icon.

How To Pay APEC Electric Bill Using GCash

Step 4: Click on “Electric Utility ”

You will see different icons on the pay bill page. These represent the types of bills you want to pay, such as electricity, water, ShopeePay, etc. Please click on the “electric utility” icon. You will then be taken to the Electric utility page.

How To Pay APEC Electric Bill Using GCash

Step 5: To get started, click on “APEC ”

If you click on “electric utility“, find the APEC option from the list that appears. On your screen, there is a search bar that you can use to find it as well. When you find it, click on it.

How To Pay APEC Electric Bill Using GCash

Step 6: Fill in the necessary details

It is necessary to provide the necessary information for APEC electric bill payment. Make sure you provide all the details such as the account number, the year of the payment, the date of the payment, and the payable amount (don’t use decimals).

How To Pay APEC Electric Bill Using GCash

Step 7: To continue, click “NEXT ”

Once you have filled out all the details, click “NEXT” to continue. Whenever any information is missing, an error message will appear requesting that you complete all fields.

Step 8: Click on “Confirm ”

To be on the safe side, recheck every detail after all the details have been filled in. You can confirm your information if you are certain it is accurate by tapping on the “Confirm” button.

Step 9: Done with the payment

As soon as your payment is successful, you will receive a notification on your given mobile number. GCash takes time to process, so you must wait. Alternatively, you can take a screenshot of the confirmation message.

Step 10: Biller

Additionally, GCash allows users to add billers. Thus, whenever you want to pay your bills, you won’t have to fill in any details. The steps for adding a biller are as follows:

  •   Add a favorite biller by tapping on it.
  •  Details can be added or the last receipt can be used.
  •  Biller’s name should be added.
  •  Then click “submit/confirm”.

If you want to make a payment via GCash, make an account first. You can’t make any payments as a guest.

How To Pay APEC Electric Bill Using GCash?


How Can I Pay The APEC Bill?

APEC offers a variety of payment options, including:
Online payment methods such as Dragon Pay are available. The link sent to you via email can be used to pay the bill.
The APEC electric bills can be paid using mobile apps such as BPI Online and GCash.
 Bayad Center is a payment center where bills can be paid.

How Do You Check APEC Bills Online?

You can pay your APEC electricity bill through a credit card by using JustPayto PH-Pay.

How Can I Pay APEC Bill Via PayMaya?

In addition to GCash PayMaya also accepts payments for APEC bills. Bill payments can be made in the following ways:
Click “pay bills” in the PayMaya app.
Choose the category and biller.
Then enter the payable amount and the details.
Make sure the details are correct and save the biller so that future bills will be easier.

How Can Someone Apply For A New Account On APEC?

To apply for a new account, follow these steps:
For more information about membership, watch the orientation seminar.
You can download the form for a new account by clicking here.
Please provide details.

Where to find the invoice number in the Apec Bill?

APEC bills typically contain the invoice number near the top, in the header or billing section.


By using GCash, you can pay your APEC Electric bill conveniently and in an eco-friendly manner. Paying your bills is as easy as tapping a few buttons on your smartphone.

Maintain the safety of your MPIN, and ensure all payment details are correct in order to avoid discrepancies or errors. It’s not only easier for you to handle your finances with GCash, but you’re also contributing to the Filipino financial industry’s digital transformation.

Take the hassle out of bill payments with GCash by saying goodbye to long queues. You can control your finances in just a few taps with APEC Electric bills on the go.

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