How To Load PLDT Home WIFI Using GCash In 2024

How To Load PLDT Home WIFI Using GCash In 2023

Unleash Lightning-Fast Connectivity: Welcome to your ultimate guide on how to load PLDT Home WiFi using GCash in 2024. Elevate your digital experience with hassle-free transactions and seamless browsing. Stay ahead in the digital age – supercharge your connectivity today!

Prepaid Home WIFI offers 10GB of free internet for new subscribers; you can use the data to watch Bing shows, play games, or scroll on social media. Eventually, you will need to load your account when your free data expires. Through the New GlobeOne app, GCash, etc., you can load the balance in the PLDT home WIFI account to receive the promo. The primary focus, however, is to load using GCash.

Here, we will describe how to load PLDT home Prepaid WIFI using the GCash mobile app in an easy and quick manner.

How To Load PLDT Home WIFI Using GCash

How To Load PLDT Home WIFI Using GCash: Steps to follow

Step 1: Open the GCash application

Enter your MPIN to access your Gcash account.

Step 2: Choose Bills

As shown in the screenshot below, click on Bills from the Home Page

How To Load PLDT Home WIFI Using GCash In 2023

Click on Bills

Step 3: Select Telecoms

In the Bills category, you will see categories of billers. Select “Telecoms“.

How To Load PLDT Home WIFI Using GCash

Click on Telecoms

Step 4: Select PLDT

When you click “Telecoms“, a list of billers will appear. You can search PLDT on the search bar or scroll down to find it.

How To Load PLDT Home WIFI Using GCash

From the list, choose PLDT

Step 5: Enter Details

How To Load PLDT Home WIFI Using GCash

Enter details

To load PLDT, enter the following details:

Amount: Enter the amount you need to pay. A transaction fee of PHP 7.00 will be added to the billing amount because GCash charges a fee of PHP 7.00.
Account Number (10-Digit): 

In the bill’s statement, you can find the account number.

Email: You will receive a notification via email if you enter your email address.

Press “NEXT” once all the information has been entered.

Step 6: Double Check Details

How To Load PLDT Home WIFI Using GCash

Make sure you have entered all the details correctly. You can simply go back if you entered the wrong amount or made a typographical error. Once you have verified that everything is correct, you can click “Confirm“.

Upon clicking the “Confirm” button, you will receive an email notification and the payment for PLDT Prepaid Home WIFI will be posted the next day.


What Service Needs To Be Selected For Paying PLDT Via GCash?

Choose “PLDT Landline” if you use PLDT’s landline service. In terms of both internet and landline services, however, you can choose PLDT DSL, also used in PLDT homes.

What Is The Transaction Fee For Loading PLDT Via GCash?

There are approximately PHP 7.00 in transaction charges for PLDT that GCash deducts from the account. Could you include it in your bill?

What Happens If The Load Ends?

The internet connection will terminate if the load ends. You have two options at that point:
>> The general load needs to be converted to the Boost load.
>> You can purchase the Boost load at any PLDT store or loading station.

How much is the load for PLDT Prepaid WiFi?

There’s FamLoad 15 with 1GB for 1 day, FamLoad 50 with 3GB for 3 days, FamLoad 199 comes with 24GB worth of data valid for 7 days, FamLoad 599 with 80GB data for 15 days, FamLoad 999 with 130GB for 30 days, and FamLoad 1499 with 200GB for 30 days.


Experience Connectivity Made Simple in 2024: You’ve now mastered the art of loading PLDT Home WiFi using GCash. Embrace seamless transactions and power up your digital lifestyle with ease. Stay connected effortlessly and make the most of the year ahead. Elevate your connectivity game today! also read these articles: Pay PLDT Using GCash

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