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sss hotline

Providing social security protection to workers and their beneficiaries is the Social Security System (SSS) in the Philippines. In its constant effort to improve its services and accessibility, SSS is dedicated to the welfare of its members. In this regard, the SSS Hotline has become the most significant development due to its direct access to information and services.

The purpose of this article is to explore SSS Hotline, its importance, its services, and how it benefits Filipino workers.

What is the SSS Hotline?

In order to facilitate its members’ access to information, assistance, and services, the SSS Hotline is a dedicated telephone service provided by the Social Security System. Inquiries and concerns can be addressed promptly through this direct line of communication between SSS and its members.

Significance of the SSS Hotline

  • Accessibility: By providing the SSS Hotline, all members within the Philippines can access SSS services. By eliminating in-person visits to SSS offices, time and resources are saved.
  • Real-time Assistance: For members seeking immediate assistance, it is a valuable resource because it provides clarity on policies, status updates, and assistance with a variety of transactions in real time.
  • Reduction of Administrative Burden: Through the SSS Hotline, SSS and its members can communicate directly, reducing administrative burdens. As a result, interactions are more efficient and problems are solved more quickly.

Services Provided by the SSS Hotline

In order to meet the diverse needs of SSS members, the Hotline offers a variety of services:

  • Information Services: The SSS website provides information on contributions, loans, retirement, and other SSS programs and benefits.
  • Assistance with Transactions: A hotline is available to help with a number of transactions, such as accessing online accounts, applying for loans, and filing benefit claims.
  • Complaint Resolution: Members can contact the SSS hotline for assistance and guidance if they encounter problems or have concerns regarding their SSS benefits.
  • Feedback and Suggestions: In addition to receiving feedback, suggestions, and concerns about SSS services, members can use the Hotline to help the organization improve its offerings.

How to Contact the SSS Hotline

You can contact their customer service representatives using the following methods.

SSS Hotline Numbers

From April 2023, you can contact the SSS Contact Center between 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

SSS Hotline8-1455 (for landline), 02-1455 (for mobile)
SSS Call Center Numbers(632) 7917-777
SSS Toll-Free Number(632) 8920-6401
SSS Hotline Numbers
sss hotline

IVRS Hotline Numbers

The Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) can assist you with basic questions regarding your Social Security System (SSS). It works similarly to the prompts you hear when you call your telecom provider.

You can use IVRS to find out specific details like your last contributions, the status of your benefit or loan application, or your loan balance. It’s like a computer-based system that provides simple answers quickly. You should contact the SSS Hotline directly if you need help with your benefit application or if you have a more complex concern.

Metro Manila917-7777
San Pablo562-9289
IVRS Hotline Numbers:

SSS International Toll-Free Numbers

SSS members living abroad will now be able to contact the agency via international toll-free numbers if they have SSS-related concerns. They can call without incurring any charges. At the moment, the toll-free service is available only in select Asian, Middle Eastern, and European countries. Supported countries are categorized into specific regions.

Asia SSS Toll Free Numbers

Hongkong, Singapore001-800-0025-5777
Malaysia, Taiwan00-800-0225-5777
Asia SSS Toll Free Numbers

Middle East SSS Phone Numbers

United Arab Emirates800-0630-0038
Saudi Arabia800-863-0022
Middle East SSS Phone Numbers

Europe SSS Contact Numbers

ItalyUnited Kingdom00-800-0225-5777
Europe SSS Contact Numbers

Text SSS – SSS SMS Inquiry

Through the TextSSS service, members can use their mobile phones to communicate with the Social Security System (SSS). People without access to a landline will especially benefit from this service. You should be aware, however, that using TextSSS isn’t free, and you’ll have to pay Php2.50 for each SMS.

How to Use TextSSS:

Registration Process:

  1. You can initiate an inquiry via SMS by texting “SSS” (without the quotes) to “2600.”
  2. You will receive a text asking you to register your SSS Number after sending the initial text.
  3. In order to register, please follow the following format: SSS REG MM/DD/YYYY (Example: SSS REG 0123456789 01/10/1980)
  4. Make sure the registration details are sent correctly.

Inquiry Instructions:

By sending the appropriate keyword to “2600,” you can proceed with your specific SSS inquiry. Some common examples are:

  1. For contributions, type “SSS 1“.
  2. For the same inquiry, text “SSS Contributions” to 2600.
  3. For Status of Benefits, type “SSS 2“.

Important Points to Note:

  • You will be charged Php2.50 per SMS transaction from your existing pre-paid balance.
  • Before initiating the inquiry, ensure that there is sufficient load balance.
  • In order to avoid invalid transactions, type the keywords precisely and accurately.

SSS Hotline Facebook Page

In addition to providing important updates, announcements, and assistance, the Social Security System utilizes its Facebook page to engage with members. SSS uses this page to communicate with its community, answer inquiries, and provide valuable resources to help individuals make informed decisions about their social security benefits and services.

Facebook Page Link:

SSS Hotline Email

Using the SSS Email service, members can communicate with the Social Security System electronically, allowing them to send inquiries, documents, and receive important information. Individuals can reach out directly to SSS by email, clarify concerns, and obtain necessary information about their benefits and contributions.

SSS Email Address[email protected]
SSS Email Address[email protected]
SSS PRN Related Concern[email protected]
SSS Email

You must provide complete and accurate information when using the SSS Email service, including your Social Security Number, full name, and a valid ID attachment. In order to facilitate a prompt response, please be clear in stating your concern.

It is important to note that response times may vary due to the high volume of emails received each day. Follow up on the same email thread after a reasonable period of time to ensure that your inquiry is addressed. By doing so, SSS will be able to prioritise and address your concerns more effectively.

sss hotline

SSS Hotline Official Website

Official SSS Hotline YouTube Channel
SSS Youtube Channel

SSS Twitter Account

SSS Twitter Account:


Is there a charge for calling the SSS Hotline?

SSS Hotline calls are free of charge, which means you will not be charged.

Can I get assistance in multiple languages through the SSS Hotline?

To accommodate the diverse population of the Philippines, the SSS Hotline provides assistance in various languages.

What type of transactions can I get assistance with through the SSS Hotline?

In addition to processing loan applications and benefit claims, the hotline can also help you access your online account.

Can I use the SSS Hotline to check my contributions and status updates?

Yes, the hotline can provide you with information about your SSS contributions and status updates.

How long does it take for the SSS Hotline to resolve complaints or issues?

Resolving issues may take a different amount of time depending on their complexity. Despite this, the SSS Hotline strives to resolve issues quickly and provide assistance when needed.

Can I provide feedback or suggestions about SSS services through the hotline?

Yes, members are encouraged to share their comments, suggestions, and concerns with SSS Hotline.

Is the SSS Hotline available for use during holidays and weekends?

Members have access to assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays.


Providing members with access, efficiency, and a better overall experience, the SSS Hotline is an important development in the Philippine Social Security System. In addition to being able to access information and services directly through SSS, Filipinos can be certain that their social security needs are being met well, and their concerns are being addressed promptly.

As a result of this initiative, the SSS is committed to providing its members with the best possible support, in addition to simplifying the administrative process. In addition to providing financial security to Filipino workers, the SSS Hotline is a testament to the organization’s commitment to their well-being.

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