Succeed at e-Sabong Pitmasters: How to Play e-Sabong Pitmasters in GCash in 2023

How to Play e-Sabong (Pitmasters) in GCash

Unlock the exciting world of virtual cockfighting with this comprehensive guide on How to Play e-Sabong Pitmasters in GCash. This article provides a brief overview of the essential steps and strategies to get you started on your e-Sabong journey using the convenience of GCash, ensuring you’re well-prepared to immerse yourself in this thrilling online experience.

In the world of online entertainment and gaming, e-Sabong, also known as Pitmasters, has gained immense popularity. This virtual cockfighting experience offers an exciting blend of traditional culture and modern technology. To help enthusiasts get started, this guide provides a step-by-step tutorial on playing e-Sabong using GCash, a widely used digital wallet in the Philippines.

Many Filipinos consider sabong (along with basketball) to be the official pastime, since anyone can participate. Filipinos of low income raise their own cocks in order to increase their chances of winning. Additionally, there are wealthy Filipinos who have breeding farms and go all out in order to win big. Spanish colonization of the Philippines predates Sabong by many centuries. At the moment, it is one of the legal forms of gambling available to the Filipino people – earning Pagcor a great deal of revenue.

In You can play at an online casino with InPlay, another similar mini-app.

Previously, it was very difficult to bet on games since you had to go to arenas and OTBs. Since the pandemic, this has changed. Streaming and online transactions now make it possible to do all the hard stuff online, including betting and watching.

The only caveat to this is that since this is considered gambling, I would not recommend it for investment purposes. It is always recommended to practice moderation when using play money. Take only risks with money you can afford to lose.

Aside from that, if you really want to experience Filipiniana culture, there is nothing better than traveling to the provinces where this is still practiced on a daily basis. There is only a small amount of culture left in e-sabong, but a lot of it has been lost.

How to Play e-Sabong Pitmasters in GCash

In order to help you immerse yourself in the experience, here are a few terminology points:

To play e-Sabong (Pitmasters) using GCash, follow these steps:

  1. Download and Install GCash App:
  2. Register for a GCash Account:
    • Open the GCash app and click on “Create Account.”
    • Provide your mobile number and create a 4-digit MPIN (Mobile Personal Identification Number).
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process.
  3. Verify Your Identity:
    • To fully utilize GCash features, you may need to verify your identity. This typically involves submitting a valid ID and a selfie.
  4. Fund Your GCash Wallet:
    • To play e-Sabong, you’ll need to have funds in your GCash wallet. Add money to your GCash wallet through various methods like bank transfer, over-the-counter deposits, or by linking a bank account or card.
  5. Launch the GCash App:
    • Open the GCash app and log in using your mobile number and MPIN.
  6. Access e-Sabong (Pitmasters):
    • On the GCash app’s home screen, look for the “e-Sabong” or “Pitmasters” option. It might be under the “Games” or “Entertainment” section.
  7. Browse and Select Matches:
    • Explore the available e-Sabong matches. You’ll typically find a list of upcoming cockfighting events, complete with details such as the participating roosters and odds.
  8. Place Your Bets:
    • Select the match you want to bet on.
    • Choose the rooster you believe will win and enter the amount you wish to bet.
    • Confirm your bet by following the on-screen prompts.
  9. Review and Confirm:
    • Review your bet details and ensure they are accurate.
    • Confirm your bet to lock it in.
  10. Watch the Match:
    • You can watch the e-Sabong match live on the GCash app if available. Enjoy the excitement as the virtual cockfight unfolds.
  11. Collect Winnings (If You Win):
    • If your chosen rooster wins, your winnings will be credited to your GCash wallet. You can withdraw or use this balance for future bets.
  12. Manage Your GCash Wallet:
    • Keep track of your GCash balance and manage your transactions through the app. You can add more funds, cash out, or use GCash for various other purposes beyond e-Sabong.

Playing e-Sabong (Pitmasters) in GCash offers a convenient and secure way to enjoy this thrilling online gaming experience. Remember to gamble responsibly and set personal limits to ensure a positive gaming experience.

What is GCash’s e-Sabong game method?

You can easily play games with Pitmasters in GLife. It is only necessary for you to be completely verified and to be at least 21 years old. BSP regulations mandate strict know-your-customer (KYC) requirements for GCash, so think twice before cheating it.

You can begin by visiting GLife and clicking on Pitmasters under the Gaming Category.

How to Play e-Sabong (Pitmasters) in GCash

Before you can top up, you must wait for an event. If one is scheduled, you can find it under the Fight Schedule. You can bet on each match during an event, which usually has hundreds of fights. Most events are held between 8 AM and 5 PM, though some happen early in the morning.

How to Play e-Sabong (Pitmasters) in GCash
How to Play e-Sabong (Pitmasters) in GCash

What is the process for topping up in Pitmasters?

Select an amount to top up by clicking the top-up button. There is a value of Php 1.00 per point. Make sure you have enough funds in your GCash account before you proceed. The cash-in channels on our website provide the convenience of adding funds to your GCash account.

How to Play e-Sabong (Pitmasters) in GCash

Transaction limits for topping up and cashing in

You should be aware that GCash has transaction limits, meaning cashing in (putting money in GCash) and topping up (transferring money from GCash to Pitmasters) both make up input and output limits.

In addition to Pitmasters’ own limits, there are also external ones. Each transaction can only exceed Php 100k, and each event can exceed Php 200k.

You’ll see the amount reflected on the main page once you’ve selected and confirmed the amount.

What is the process for playing Pitmasters?

Before you can play, you must top up. The WPC live site will appear once you click Play.

The matches will be shown to you before the game starts, and you can use the topped-up balance, or your winnings, to bet on “Meron”, “Draw”, or “Wala”. As with the minimum top-up amount, the minimum bet is always Php 100. Bets up to 20k are allowed.

You will be credited with your winnings if your chosen cock wins. While your credits are still available, you can continue to bet on matches that last less than 10 minutes.

What is the process for withdrawing funds from Pitmasters?

To withdraw, you must return to the main Pitmasters GLife page and select Withdraw. It is possible to withdraw a certain amount.

How to Play e-Sabong (Pitmasters) in GCash

Transaction limits for withdrawals and cash-ins

Input limits for GCash are affected by withdrawals (balances going from Pitmasters to GCash).

Withdrawals within Pitmasters are also subject to limits. Each withdrawal is limited to Php 20k per transaction, Php 100k per event, and one withdrawal every fifteen minutes.

It is possible to win very large amounts of money, but you may not be able to withdraw every penny. If possible, stagger withdrawals of large sums.


What is the first thing I need to do to play e-Sabong with GCash?

The first step is to download and install the GCash app on your smartphone if you haven’t already.

Do I need to create a GCash account to play e-Sabong?

Yes, you must register for a GCash account by providing your mobile number and creating a 4-digit MPIN (Mobile Personal Identification Number).

How can I fund my GCash wallet for e-Sabong betting?

You can fund your GCash wallet by various methods, including bank transfer, over-the-counter deposits, or by linking a bank account or card.

Where can I find the e-Sabong (Pitmasters) option within the GCash app?

You can typically find the e-Sabong option on the GCash app’s home screen, often under the “Games” or “Entertainment” section.

What do I need to do after selecting a specific e-Sabong match?

After selecting a match, choose the rooster you believe will win and enter the amount you want to bet.

Can I watch the e-Sabong match live on the GCash app?

Yes, if available, you can watch the e-Sabong match live on the GCash app to enjoy the action as it unfolds.

How do I collect my winnings if my selected rooster wins the e-Sabong match?

If your chosen rooster wins, your winnings will be credited to your GCash wallet, which you can then withdraw or use for future bets.

What should I keep in mind while playing e-Sabong in GCash?

It’s essential to gamble responsibly by setting betting limits, managing your GCash wallet wisely, and ensuring a positive gaming experience.

If a match has multiple outcomes, can you bet on them all?

MERON, WALA, and DRAW are the only options available.

My account was unable to be topped up or withdrawn. How can I contact support?

Pitmaster’s official support portal is where you can send support tickets.

What is the reason I cannot withdraw? Currently, withdrawals are not available.

The withdrawal is probably being held up due to a technical issue. Withdrawal should be done later. We guarantee the safety of your funds.
Rather than risk losing users’ money during withdrawals, it is better to disable withdrawals proactively.

Can you tell me why I get an error message saying “access denied”?

The KYC information you submitted may have resulted in you being blocked, so you will need to confirm your age with GCash. GCash support tickets can be filed.


In conclusion, playing e-Sabong (Pitmasters) in GCash is a seamless and exciting way to engage in this virtual cockfighting experience. With the convenience of the GCash app, you can access e-Sabong matches, place bets, and watch the action unfold from the palm of your hand. GCash not only offers accessibility but also ensures security and ease of financial transactions.

However, it’s essential to remember that responsible gaming should always be a priority. Set your betting limits, manage your GCash wallet wisely, and enjoy e-Sabong as an entertaining pastime. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can dive into the world of e-Sabong with confidence, knowing that you have control over your gaming and financial activities.

In GLife, you will find the Pitmasters application, which is a game of chance. By doing this, you can place wagers on e-sabong games without having to go to an arena or off-track betting shop. GCash members must be 21 years old and fully verified.

With GCash, you can easily top up and withdraw money at the press of a button. Betting and watching are both easier to do this way.

You can also check out my InPlay post if you want to learn more about an online casino in GLife.

Here are the main features of GCash after reading what it is:

Money Transfers:

CAsh In, Cash Out:

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