How to Transfer Money from GCash Padala to Non-GCash Users in 2023

GCash Padala

With the new GCash Padala, you can now send money to your loved ones and family. No matter whether the recipient has a GCash account or not, now you can send money to them. Sending cash via your smartphone is faster and easier than going to the nearest money remittance outlet!

GCash can make sending money to friends and loved ones so much easier even when they don’t have an account. Wouldn’t it be better if you sent them the money directly through GCash Padala instead of asking them to sign up for GCash? To claim your money through GCash Padala, your recipient does not need a GCash account.

Money can be sent to anyone in the Philippines through GCash Padala, the Philippines’ domestic money transfer service. Sending money with GCash Padala is as simple as entering the recipient’s name and mobile number. A GCash Padala partner establishment will then be able to assist the recipient in collecting their money.

Millions of Filipinos do not have access to the GCash platform, especially those without smartphones or an Internet connection, but GCash is addressing their financial needs through this new remittance service. Palawan Express Pera Padala currently services these customers, as well as Monique Houiller Kwarta Padala.

You don’t need to go to the remittance center to send money with GCash Padala compared to traditional money remittance services. Money can be sent almost anywhere in the Philippines with a GCash account. GCash Padala’s partner outlets have limited hours, but you can send money in significantly less time than going to a remittance center or pawnshop.

Here is a guide that will show you how to set up a free GCash account and verify it if you do not already have one. GCash wallets can also be refilled with cash by reading this article.

GCash Padala

How to Send Money Through GCash Padala

Sending money through GCash Padala is as easy as following these steps:

Step 1: GCash app must be opened and logged in with your MPIN. You can send money by tapping “Send Money

GCash Padala

Step 2: Click “GCash Padala.”

GCash Padala

Step 3:. You will need to enter the recipient’s full name, their contact information, as well as the amount to be sent. It is necessary to send a minimum of ₱500. Once you are done, press NEXT.

GCash Padala

Step 4:. Verify that your recipient’s information is correct before sending. You should also keep an eye out for any service fees. Click on PAY to complete the payment.

GCash Padala

Step 5:. You’re done! GCash Padala is the way in which you sent money. An SMS notification with the reference number will be sent to you and to your recipient.

GCash Padala

GCash Padala partner outlets will accept the money for 15 days after sending it, so your recipient has time to claim it. Within 15 days of the funds not being claimed, the sender will receive the funds back.

How to Claim Money at a GCash Padala Partner

There are more than 2,000 GCash Padala partners throughout the Philippines at present. Using a partner outlet is as simple as following these steps:

  1. Reference numbers can be obtained from the sender or from GCash’s text messages.
  2. GCash Padala partner outlets are located all over the country.
  3. Your name, reference number, and cashout amount should be filled out on the cashout form.
  4. Your valid ID should be presented to the cashier along with the form.
  5. Be sure to count the money before you leave once you receive it.

GCash Padala Rates and Service Fees

In GCash Padala, the minimum and maximum amounts are 500 and 5,000 respectively. The following are the fees and rates for remittances:

Sending AmountTotal Charges
₱500. – ₱5,0001.5% of total amount
GCash Padala Rates and Service Fees


It’s certainly easy to send money with GCash Padala, using your GCash wallet without a GCash account. There are many people who don’t use GCash for a variety of reasons, such as a lack of knowledge or a lack of suitable devices for running the app.

In comparison with other remittance companies, GCash Padala has a relatively small number of outlets, which are mostly sari-sari stores. As GCash’s remittance service gains traction among millions of users nationwide, the number of partner outlets will hopefully continue to grow.

Please contact GCash by phone at 2882 or by email at support@gcash.com if you have any questions or concerns about GCash Padala.


Is GCash Padala free?

That’s not true. In addition to the service fee of ₱5, GCash Padala charges 1.5% of the principal amount when you transfer ₱500.01 to ₱5,000. Sending ₱2,000 will incur an additional ₱30 charge.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts to send through GCash Padala?

GCash Padala allows you to send up to ₱5,000 depending on how much you send.

What are the requirements for claiming the money?

You only need a valid ID and your reference number to claim your GCash Padala cashout.

When can the recipient claim the money?

GCash Padala transactions are carried out in real time, so the recipient can get the money right away.

Where can the recipient claim the money?

GCash Padala partner outlets are the best place for the recipient to claim the money. Visit this page to see a full and up-to-date list of our partner outlets.

I didn’t receive a text message from GCash. What should I do?

For confirmation that you have successfully sent the money, you may check your GCash app transactions if you didn’t receive a text confirmation from GCash. Request a copy of the reference number from the sender if you are the recipient. GCash can also be contacted at 2882 if you need assistance.

What if I don’t know the address of the recipient?

With GCash Padala, you don’t need to know the recipient’s address.

Do I need a GCash account to send money through GCash Padala?

That’s right. The GCash app is the only way to send money.

What happens if the money remains unclaimed after 15 days?

GCash will automatically return the sent money to the sender’s wallet if the recipient does not claim it within 15 days.

Can I send money through GCash Padala to a GCash user?

Unfortunately, no. GCash users cannot be sent money. You will instead be directed to the “Express Send” screen to transfer money to the recipient’s GCash wallet if you attempt to send money to a GCash-registered mobile number. GCash Padala can only be used to send money to non-GCash users.

Does the recipient need a GCash account to claim the money?

Unfortunately, no. No GCash account is necessary for the recipient to claim the money

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