Simplifying Your Gaming Experience: Paying GCash in Codashop

Paying GCash in Codashop

Microtransactions are becoming more mainstream as modern games expand and spread. In spite of this, since these games are all owned by different companies and run by various platforms, as a result, there are probably as many currencies (i.e., tokens, diamonds, coins, etc.) as there are games.

We can rein all of these different platforms with payments through providers like Codashop. The currency that you need to play that game will only be provided to you by Codashop.

The providers sometimes offer bundles of promotions or discounts depending on the promotion, so you can get more value from buying from them.

Razer Gold and Unipin are alternative options to Codashop that provide this service. Only Codashop integrates with GCash. A per-transaction fee is charged by Dragonpay for the others.

Paying GCash in Codashop

How we Paying GCash in Codashop

As of my last knowledge update in September 2023, you can use GCash to make payments on Codashop, an online platform for purchasing in-game items, virtual currency, and game credits. To do this, you’ll typically follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have a GCash account: If you don’t already have a GCash account, you’ll need to sign up for one and complete the necessary verification steps.
  2. Ensure you have sufficient funds in your GCash wallet: You need to have enough money in your GCash wallet to cover the purchase you want to make on Codashop.
  3. Visit the Codashop website: Go to the Codashop website ( and select your region or the game you want to purchase items for.
  4. Choose the game and product: Select the game or virtual item you want to purchase. Codashop supports a wide range of games and products.
  5. Enter your game details: You will typically be asked to enter your in-game details, such as your player ID or username. Make sure to double-check this information for accuracy.
  6. Select payment method: Choose GCash as your payment method when prompted. Codashop usually offers multiple payment options, and GCash should be one of them.
  7. Authorize the payment: You’ll be redirected to the GCash website or app to complete the payment. Follow the on-screen instructions to authorize the transaction.
  8. Confirm the purchase: Once the payment is successful, you should receive a confirmation message on both the Codashop and GCash platforms.

Please note that the specific steps and options may vary depending on the region and the games available on Codashop. Additionally, there may have been updates or changes in the payment process since my last update in September 2023, so I recommend visiting the Codashop website or contacting their customer support for the most up-to-date instructions on how to pay with GCash.

What is the procedure for depositing funds into my GCash account?

Payments will be made using your GCash wallet. For funding your wallet, you can also transfer funds from any bank app to G-XChange, Inc. via Instapay.

Would GE Cash Mastercard or AMEX Virtual Pay be accepted?

Yes, that’s right. You can also use that method of payment. However, GCash direct is the simplest method.

Is there any other payment option besides GCash that we can use?

Additionally, prepaid load can also be loaded with GCash, GrabPay (which can also be loaded with GCash), and banks.

How many games does Codashop support?

There are a number of well-known games that are supported, including:

  • Mobile Legends
  • League of Legends
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Ragnarok M
  • Rules of Survival
  • Marvel Super War
  • MU Origin 2
  • Call of Duty Mobile
  • Lords Mobile

The following titles are also listed (as of April 2020):

  • World of Dragon Nest
  • Tinder
  • Point Blank
  • Mr Love: Dream Date
  • Blockman Go: Blocky Mods
  • Identity V
  • Light of Thel: Glory of Cepheus
  • Disorder
  • Devil Hunter
  • Free Fire
  • LifeAfter
  • Mobile Legends: Adventure
  • Honkai Impact 3
  • Chaos Crisis
  • Ride Out Heroes
  • Super Mecha Champions
  • LaPlace M
  • Lumia Saga
  • Pirates of the Carribbean: Tides of War
  • Gunship Battle: Total Warfare
  • The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria
  • Eclipse Isle
  • King of Kinds
  • Saint Seiya
  • Onmyoji Arena
  • Bleach Mobile 3D
  • Game of Sultans
  • LivU
  • Yome Live
  • Tumile
  • Era of Celestials
  • Legacy of Discord
  • Food Fantasy
  • Daybreak Legends
  • Heroes Evolved
  • Crisis Action
  • Last Empire War Z
  • Miracle M
  • Crusaders of Light

What is the process for buying from Codashop?

Buying currency is as simple as clicking on the game you want, entering how much currency you want, and paying using the payment method offered.

You can buy Mobile Legends Diamonds by following this example. GCash allows you to buy 56 diamonds for a minimum of 50 Filipino pesos (around $5).

Paying GCash in Codashop
Paying GCash in Codashop

What other platforms are supported by Codashop vouchers?

As well as Netflix, Steam, Garena, Blizzard Balance, and Snail Games vouchers, Codashop also supports a wide range of gift cards. Netflix is the only one that does not accept GCash payment.

Paying GCash in Codashop


Can you use GCash on Codashop?

GCash, PayMaya, Coins, and bank transfers are all options for topping up with Codacash once you’ve activated it in your Codashop account.

How do I pay on Codashop?

Please ensure that the email address you enter is an active and valid email address, after choosing the game and top-up nominal. The payment has been successful!

How do I pay with Codacash?

For Codacash to work, you must register on Codashop. You can now verify your account by clicking on “Codacash” and selecting “Verify now”. Codacash can be used as soon as you enter your phone number and enter the OTP.

Is Codashop legal and safe?

A player posted this on HoYoLab (the official forums of the miHoYo team that developed Genshin Impact) in which they claimed that they had contacted miHoYo’s Customer Support to inquire about Codashop’s legitimacy and that they were officially able to confirm the safety and legality of Codashop.

How do I change my payment method on Codashop?

It differs from country to country what payment options Codashop offers. Changing the payment options and finding your preferred payment method is easy with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) app. In Mobile Legends, you will need to change the currency when changing the region on the Codahsop website.

Does Codashop charge a fee?

A video game’s API can be connected directly to Codashop for instant delivery of virtual currency, with a 15% fee.

What cards does Codashop accept?

Codashop benefits
Partner of the company. You can trust us. …
The checkout process was extremely fast. Getting started is as easy as entering your player ID and choosing a server.
Payment options are plentiful. Venmo, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express are all available for payment. …
Crediting accounts instantly. Your in-game account will be credited instantly with direct top-ups. 
Friendly to gifts.


In my previous post, I mentioned that many games have different environments and use different currencies as a means of financing microtransactions. Using payment facilitators like Codashop, we can quickly and easily buy any supported game currency and receive it after payment.

Since Codashop is integrated with GCash, it is the only payment provider to accept direct GCash payments. Similarly, it supports a number of today’s mainstream games and platforms, such as Mobile Legends, League of Legends, PUBG Mobile, Ragnarok M, etc.

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