Revolutionize Your Finances in 2023: Receiving Remittances using GCash

Receiving Remittances using GCash

With GCash, you can send money around the world in a variety of ways.

Welcome to the ultimate guide on Receiving Remittances using GCash. In this comprehensive tutorial, we will walk you through the steps to effortlessly and securely receive money through the GCash digital wallet. Whether you’re a seasoned GCash user or new to the platform, our expert insights will ensure you make the most of this convenient financial tool. Read on to simplify your remittance experience and gain control over your finances.

Our economy depends on remittances perhaps more than anything else. BSP statistics show that overseas Filipinos remitted 2.9 billion dollars in personal remittances in early 2022. A substantial part of our country’s GDP is also generated by the money remitted by overseas Filipinos every year.

Remittance services are also popular with Filipinos overseas, especially in the Middle East and Hong Kong. The process of remitting can also be made cheaper and more efficient where there are Filipinos. Remittances are an important part of GCash’s feature portfolio, and it recognizes this.

It has more remittance partners in a wider range of countries than Paymaya and Therefore, users will have more options for receiving cash and using it.

How we Receiving Remittances using GCash

Learn how to effortlessly receive remittances using GCash. Discover the quick and secure way to access your funds. Start receiving money hassle-free today.

How does GCash’s app handle remittances?

A GCash remittance can be a pull or a push remittance.

Recipients must claim amount via the app with pull types. MoneyGram and Western Union are examples of this.

Senders receive money directly into their wallets through push types. In this case, most of the work is done by the recipient, but the sender needs to be sure that the recipient’s details have been correctly entered. There is also a limit on the wallet amount that must be met before the amount can be received. Others such as AlipayHK and GCash Remit are examples of this.

Using a Pull type remittance

Money is received via pull types when the recipient initiates the process. For them to be able to acquire and put the amount into their wallet, they usually have to enter some kind of reference number.

Moneygram and Western Union remittances: how do I receive them?

The amount of the remittance and the reference number should be known before doing so. A remittance will fail if not inputted correctly. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the Cash In button in the GCash app.
  2. Click Remittance at the bottom of the Cash In page.
  3. Make a selection between Moneygram and Western Union. Select the Expected Amount from the drop-down menu, then enter the Reference Number or MTCN.
    • You should match the beneficiary’s name on your GCash profile with the name on the Western Union instruction.
  4. The details should be confirmed. As soon as the transaction has been completed, you will receive an SMS.
Receiving Remittances using GCash

Can I claim my refund within a certain amount of time?

Expires 1 year from the date of purchase for Moneygram. The monthly service fee deducted from the remittance will apply if you attempt to claim your remittance thereafter.

Similar to Western Union money orders, Western Union money orders technically do not expire, but if you wait too long, you may not receive your full amount.

MoneyGram or Western Union: what is the process?

Two ways are available – online remittance or mobile app, and over-the-counter.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Money gram or Western Union branches are both available physically, or you can log in to your account (online).
  2. The amount you wish to send and the receiver’s information should be entered. The details of your bank account or credit/debit card must be entered for online payments. The real amount of the currency conversion should be known.
    • GCash registered names and mobile numbers should be entered for Western Union in order to send money. You need to send money to the beneficiary’s name in an official ID and GCash’s mobile number.
  3. Money can be sent within a day and received by the recipient.

Are Moneygram and Western Union sending fees the same?

Sending fees can be estimated using MoneyGram’s calculator. There are different receiving options for Western Union. If you are unsure how much it will cost you to send money, you can check the rates and fees on the website or with the agent.

Input a reference number a number of times before locking it out? In the event that I have been locked out, how can I claim my remittance?

There is a limit of three attempts per day for entering a reference number. It’s okay if you make an error thrice. If you make an error a fourth time, you can try again 24 hours later. This prevents your account from being used for unauthorized purposes.

Is Paypal a good option? What is the best way to transfer my Paypal funds to my GCash account?

A PayPal account must be linked to a GCash account. You can transfer from your Paypal account once it has been linked.

A push-based remittance system

Recipient input is not required for push types. You will be debited directly from your GCash account. Rather than lumping Push Type Remittances under one company, I have chosen to separate them.

Hong Kong-based AlipayHK

Cross-border payments can be made via AlipayHK, a mobile application used primarily in Hong Kong. Hong Kong domestic helpers were the beneficiaries of a remittance project by AlipayHK a couple of years ago. Blockchain technology was used for the first time by AlipayHK to facilitate cross-border payments. AlipayHK can be downloaded from the app store of your choice(Google Play/App Store).

How much does AlipayHK charge for transactions?

The first monthly remittance is free of charge. An additional transaction fee of HKD 15 (around PHP 90) will be applied to subsequent remittances within the month.

Can I use the app to send a remittance?

The steps below were adapted from the GCash help website since I don’t have access to the app (you have to be a resident of Hong Kong to create an account).

  1. Access AlipayHK through the app.
  2. On the next screen, tap “More”, then “Remittance”.
  3. GCash has been selected in the remittance destination section of the Remittances page.
  4. Fill in the beneficiary’s name and the amount.
    • GCash-registered beneficiaries must have the same name as the beneficiary of the payment.
    • You will need to provide the mobile number registered with GCash to receive the account number.
    • Ensure that the recipient’s wallet has enough funds.
  5. Transaction completed.

The AlipayHK app FAQ page is a good place to ask any other questions you may have.

Japanese GCash Remitter (Softbank)

In this case, Softbank’s SB Payment Service Corp. is a partner of GCash Remit. Basically, it allows remittances to be sent only from Japan to the Philippines. You can use your bank account or Family Mart deposit to send your remittance through the website’s wallet.

How much does GCash Remit charge for transactions?

Traders will pay a transaction fee of 440 yen (Php 220) when they reach 10,000 yen (Php 5,000). Fees can be increased when the amount reaches JPY 30,000 (~PHP 15,000). Further information about GCash Remit transaction fees is available in the transaction fee tables.

What is the best way to send remittances?

A new account must be created on their site first.

  1. You can access by logging in.
  2. Select your beneficiary and enter the remittance amount.
    • GCash-registered beneficiaries must have the same name as the beneficiary of the payment.
    • Make sure you know what the recipient’s wallet limits are.
  3. Claiming the remittance can be done using GCash.
  4. You will need the beneficiary’s mobile number.
  5. Describe why the remittance is being sent, as well as the beneficiary’s details.
  6. The remittance act should be adhered to. In accordance with Japanese law, this is done.
  7. Make sure you entered all the correct information when processing the remittance.

The FAQ page on may also be of assistance.

Hong Kong/Taiwan EMQ Send

Taiwan-based EMQ Send specializes in cross-border transactions. Residents of Taiwan and Hong Kong can download their app (Google Play/App Store).

How much do EMQ Send transactions cost?

There is a transaction fee of TWD 199 (~PHP 330) regardless of the amount. The fees can vary depending on the channel used for remittances in Hong Kong.

  • If you transact with Circle K, you won’t be charged any transaction fees.
  • There is a HKD 20 fee (PHP 125 if you used JET Payment).

EMQ Send fee tables are also available.

What is the process for sending a remittance?

Taiwanese EMQSend users can follow these steps:

  1. You can send EMQ messages by opening the EMQ Send app and clicking Send.
  2. Choose the amount to be transferred and the recipient country. You can continue by clicking Send Money.
  3. GCash payout method and recipient must be added.
    • There should be no discrepancy between the named recipient and the registered name of the recipient on GCash.
  4. The pay-in amount can also be funded at 7-Eleven or Hi-Life. Deposits can also be made in the bank itself or in EMQ’s SCSB Virtual Account.
  5. To comply with legal requirements, you need to write down the purpose and source of your funds after making the payment.
  6. Click on Submit after verifying the inputted information. As part of the remittance backend review, EMQ will be executing the review.

Hong Kong users can send using EMQSend by following these steps:

  1. You can send EMQ messages by opening the EMQ Send app and clicking Send.
  2. Choose the amount to be transferred and the recipient country. You can continue by clicking Send Money.
  3. GCash payout method and recipient should be added. Names of recipients should match those registered with GCash.
  4. Circle-K is the best place to fund your pay-in. ATMs at JetCo also accept deposits into EMQ’s account.
  5. The purpose of remittance and source of funds must be indicated after payment.
  6. Click on Submit after verifying the inputted information. The remittance backend will be reviewed and processed by EMQ.

EMQ’s FAQ page has more answers to your questions EMQ’s FAQ page has more answers to your questions.

Transfer of funds across borders (Korea)

A South Korean remittance agent provides Cross Remittance services to different countries around the world. (Google Play/App Store) also offers the app for download.

How much do Cross Remittance transactions cost?

KRW 5,000 (PHP 200) is the minimum transaction fee and 0.5% of the remittance amount is the final charge. In order to make a transaction, you need to spend a minimum of KRW 30,000 (~PHP 1200). On the Cross FAQ page, you can find additional information regarding the fees.

What is the process for sending a remittance?

Prior to sending your remittance, you have to fund your Cross Wallet. As part of the account creation process, you were required to provide a bank account. Your Cross Wallet needs to be funded with this.

Once your wallet has been funded, follow these steps:

  1. Select Transfer Method with Cross Wallet after logging into the app and registering a new recipient.
  2. Please remember to input the recipient’s name and mobile number that are associated with the GCash account.
  3. The transfer can be initiated by entering your payment PIN.

Visit the Cross FAQ page if you would like to learn more.

Cash on Demand (UAE)

Over-the-counter remittance company Instant Cash is owned and operated by the UAE government and has offices across the country.

How much does Instant Cash charge for transactions?

Remitted amounts are subject to a fixed fee of AED 15 (PHP 200). The conversion rates can be checked using their calculator.

What is the process for sending a remittance?

The steps are as follows:

  1. Locate the nearest agent using the locator. Make sure your ID is valid. Send money to the Philippines by informing them.
  2. You must include the beneficiary information, the amount, and the mobile wallet option in the form. GCash will need the recipient’s mobile number and the beneficiary’s name should match the recipient’s GCash registered name.
  3. Remittances will be processed once the money is given.

Please refer to the Instant Cash FAQs for more information.

The Wall Street in the United Arab Emirates

Remittance companies have been operating in UAE since the 1930s, including Wall Street. Since there are a lot of expatriates in the country, the company is still going strong as a money transfer company.

How much does Instant Cash charge for transactions?

In terms of fees, I have a hard time finding information, but I gather the rates are set at AED 15 (~PHP 200).

What is the process for sending a remittance?

It may be impossible to describe the process in detail without being at the store itself:

  1. A valid ID card should be brought to your nearest agent. Don’t forget to tell them you’re sending money to the Philippines.
  2. You must include the beneficiary information, the amount, and the mobile wallet option in the form. GCash will need the recipient’s mobile number and the beneficiary’s name should match the recipient’s GCash registered name.
  3. Remittances will be processed once the money is given.

In the United Arab Emirates, PayIt is available

It has a cashless transaction feature that employers can use to pay their domestic helpers via PayIt (Google Play/App Store). Other countries offer mobile wallets through which you can remit money.

How much does PayIt charge for transactions?

The Philippines currently has a free remittance policy.

What is the process for sending a remittance?

It will require you to use your Emirate ID to register in the app first.

As I do not have access to the app, these steps may be inaccurate:

  1. Access the app by logging in. Select Transfer from the menu.
  2. (Philippines) is your chosen country.
  3. As a method of transfer, choose a mobile wallet.
  4. Amount to be entered.
  5. Beneficiary should be added. Be sure to write down the recipient’s registered name and GCash mobile number.
  6. Then click the Transfer button.

If you would like more information about PayIt, you can visit the FAQ page.

U.A.E. Denarii Cash

In order to make remittances easier and cheaper, Denarii Cash is an app that is available on Google Play and the App Store. It is also the CEO’s Filipino background that makes it OFW-centric. You can pay bills and send money back home using the app.

How much do Denarii Cash transactions cost?

First remittances are free as long as they are less than USD 300 (~PHP 15,000). A USD 2.50 fee applies to subsequent transfers within a month (~PHP 125).

What is the process for sending a remittance?

As soon as you download the app, you will need to create an account within it, and then top up the wallet with any method you prefer (Kiosk, voucher, bank transfer, cash on delivery, or credit/debit card).

The steps are as follows:

  1. The app will appear once you log in. Click the Send Money button on the home page after entering the amount.
  2. GCash is the preferred method of transferring funds.
  3. Make sure you include the details of your beneficiary (including GCash’s registered name and mobile number).
  4. The consent form should be reviewed and ticked after reviewing transaction details.
  5. The payment process will begin.

Check out our Denarii Cash tutorial for more information.

Remittance (Australia) by Rocket Remit

It only requires the recipient’s mobile number to send money with Rocket Remit, an Australian remittance company.

How much does Rocket Remit charge for transactions?

It costs AUD 5 per transaction (~PHP 175).

What is the process for sending a remittance?

Registering on the website is the first step. Funding your account is then done through the bank (BPAY, POLi, ANZ). Once your account has been funded, you are now able to use any phone with SMS capability to send money.

Money can be sent to anyone via SMS (via your phone) by following these steps:

  1. Use the proper keywords when composing the SMS –
    • Pay with the mobile number of the recipient, the amount in Australian dollars, the first and last names of the recipient, and the address of the recipient
    • A recipient’s mobile number and name should follow their GCash registered name, and the recipient’s mobile number is the GCash mobile number.
  2. Call (0488) 762-538 (0488-ROCKET) or text the SMS to 0488-762-538
  3. Your confirmation code will be accompanied by an OTP.
  4. Authorize the sending of the OTP by responding with it.
  5. Upon receiving your response, you will be given a reference number. A backend process will be used to process the payment.

Here’s how to use the dashboard to send money:

  1. Click Pay from the dashboard after logging in to the page.
  2. Provide the receiver’s mobile number (GCash mobile number), the amount you would like to send (including the transaction fee), the recipient’s name (GCash registered name), and the recipient’s address.
  3. Your confirmation code will be accompanied by an OTP.
  4. Authorize the sending of the OTP by responding with it.
  5. Upon receiving your response, you will be given a reference number. A backend process will be used to process the payment.

The Rocket Remit FAQ page provides more information about how to remit.

The Azimo Company (UK)

The Azimo app (available on Google Play/App Store) is used to transfer money between many countries. Money transfers can be made quickly and easily through this service.

How much does Azimo charge for transactions?

There are two free transactions, followed by variable transactions based on amount, destination, and payment method. If you want to make sure the amount is correct before sending it, you should always check it first. The company guarantees that you’ll always get the lowest price.

What is the process for sending a remittance?

The app or website must be installed first.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Enter the app or website’s login information.
  2. Choosing Philippines, selecting GCash/mobile wallet, and entering the recipient’s name (which should match the account name registered with GCash) is as easy as it gets.
  3. Using your debit or credit card or through a fund transfer, choose an amount and pay.
  4. The payment must be confirmed after you have checked all transfer details.

Azimo’s FAQ page is also available.

Listed below are all the partners who offer remittance services:

  1. AlipayHK – 
  2. blockchain technology
  3. Azimo
  4. bWallet
  5. Cross
  6. Denarii Cash
  7. EMQ Send
  8. EEC Remit
  9. GMoneyTrans
  10. Instant Cash
  11. MoneyGram
  12. Pacific Ace
  13. PayIt
  14. Payoneer
  15. Paypal
  16. Remitly
  17. Rocket Remit 
  18. SABB 
  19. SBI Remit 
  20. Siammali Remittance 
  21. Singtel Dash 
  22. Softbank 
  23. Skrill
  24. Telcoin 
  25. Transfer Galaxy 
  26. Wall Street 
  27. Warba Bank 
  28. Western Union
  29. WireBarley


If I don’t complete the full verification process, can I receive my remittance?

It is not possible to receive payments unless you are fully verified, and wallet limits prevent you from receiving the full amount.

Is there a fee associated with receiving remittances?

There is no processing fee associated with the remittance; the sender is responsible for it. No additional payment is required by the receiver. Our current system of padala remittances is similar to this.

If my wallet limit is exceeded, what happens?

Due to the system-wide limit on wallets, you cannot receive the remittance. We allow users to have up to 5 GCash accounts, so you can circumvent this by using another GCash account to receive it, or by unlocking a higher account limit.

Limiting the number of accounts you can have

By linking your BPI/UnionBank or your Payoneer accounts, you will be able to unlock higher limits when you make a Php 100 deposit or investment with either GSave or GInvest / GInsure.

The following will become available once you have done so:

  • The wallet limit should be increased to 500,000 Pesos
  • The incoming limit now stands at Php 500,000 and you can cash in daily without any restrictions
  • You will be able to withdraw Php 10,000 per day, with no monthly limit on withdrawals

The increased limits will be announced via SMS.

It’s important to note that the limits will revert to what they were once all BPI/UnionBank/Payoneer accounts have been unlinked.


As we discussed the various remittance options offered by GCash, we learned about its international remittance services. Comparing GCash with other digital wallets such as Paymaya and, we can also see that GCash offers better remittance support.

Partners supporting remittances include:

  • Moneygram
  • Western Union
  • AlipayHK
  • GCash Remit
  • Instant Cash
  • Cross Remittance
  • EMQ Send
  • Wall Street Exchange
  • PayIt
  • Denarii Cash
  • Rocket Remit
  • Azimo

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