Seamlessly Subscribing to Disney using GCash

Seamlessly Subscribing to Disney using GCash

With GCash, Alipay+ Rewards, GCash AMEX cards, and in-app purchases, you can buy a Disney+ subscription.

Welcome to the ultimate guide on “Seamlessly Subscribing to Disney using GCash,” where we’ll unveil a hassle-free approach to enjoying your favorite Disney content while optimizing your online experience. In today’s digital age, convenience and accessibility are key, and with GCash, you can effortlessly unlock the enchanting world of Disney right at your fingertips. Join us as we explore how this seamless integration of two powerful platforms can elevate your entertainment journey and redefine the way you access Disney’s magical universe. Whether you’re a Disney aficionado or just looking to simplify your subscription process, this SEO-optimized guide will unveil the secrets to making Disney and GCash the perfect duo for your streaming needs. Let’s embark on this exciting adventure together

It has been a long time coming, but Disney+ has finally launched in the Philippines. There are a number of popular brands in the catalog, including Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel, and National Geographic.

There are two subscription plans available: a mobile plan for 159 pesos per month or 1150 pesos per year, and a premium plan for 369 pesos per month or 2950 pesos per year. For the mobile plan, you can watch on one mobile device and one tablet, while for the premium plan, you can watch on four mobile devices, four tablets, a TV, and a PC, as well as the quality of streaming (720p HD for mobile, up to 2160p Ultra HD for premium).

Steps to Seamlessly Subscribing to Disney using GCash

To seamlessly subscribe to Disney using GCash, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Download and Install the GCash App:Complete the registration process for the GCash app in the app store on your device if you haven’t already done so.
  2. Fund Your GCash Wallet: Make sure you have enough money in your GCash wallet. In addition to online banking, partner outlets, and debit or credit card links, you can load money into your GCash wallet through a variety of methods.
  3. Open the Disney App: The Disney+ app should be installed and opened on your device.
  4. Choose Your Subscription Plan: Pick the plan that fits your preferences and budget from the Disney+ subscription plans. There are typically monthly and annual subscription options available for Disney+.
  5. Select Payment Method: Choose the “GCash” payment method when prompted.
  6. Authorize the Payment: Authorize the payment by following the on-screen instructions. It may be necessary for you to confirm the transaction by logging into your GCash account.
  7. Confirmation: GCash and Disney+ will send you confirmation messages when the payment is successful.
  8. Access Disney+ Content: You can explore the vast Disney content library by returning to the Disney+ app and logging in with your Disney+ credentials.
  9. Set Up Profiles: Organize family profiles with different preferences to customize Disney+ experiences.
  10. Start Streaming: With the Disney+ app, you can easily stream your favorite Disney movies, TV shows, and exclusive content.

Maintain a fully funded GCash wallet to continue enjoying Disney+ content uninterrupted. You can manage your subscriptions effortlessly through GCash while enjoying Disney magic on your terms.

Is there a way to use Disney+ with GCash?

Subscribing to Disney+ with GCash can be done in a number of ways. Using an AMEX card or Alipay+ is the best way to take advantage of the promo discount. You can also buy from the app itself or use your GCash AMEX card to pay.

Through Alipay+

You can use Alipay+ (which is cheaper) as the main method. Despite offering big discounts, they are only available for annual subscriptions.

They will offer Php 849 for mobile-only subscribers, and Php 2950 for premium subscribers instead of Php 2499.

From GCash’s main page, you can find the A+ Rewards button, located underneath the “You’ll love this” section.

Seamlessly Subscribing to Disney using GCash

After clicking it, you will be able to choose your plan, input your mobile number, and make a payment. This mobile number should be used to log into Disney+.

Seamlessly Subscribing to Disney using GCash

Purchased through the app

The Disney+ app itself also allows you to subscribe. To install GCash on Google Play or App Store, you must first set up a Google Play or App Store link.

The plan selection page will appear after you sign up by clicking Subscribe. By clicking Continue, you will be able to choose the plan you wish to purchase. Check the Payment page and select GCash as the payment method. Subscribing is as easy as clicking a button!

Seamlessly Subscribing to Disney using GCash

You can pay with an AMEX card via GCash

A browser is also an option for subscribing to Disney+. PCs or laptops are best for this method. It is necessary for you to have your phone as well as the details for your GCash AMEX Card at the ready.

Click on the Subscribe button on the upper left side of the screen after signing up for an account using your mobile number. Click Continue once you have selected your plan on the subscribe page. When you reach the “Pay Securely” page, scroll down to the “Credit Card” section and enter your information there. The subscription will be active once you have completed the steps.

Seamlessly Subscribing to Disney using GCash

How do I Make an online payment to Disney?

There’s no hassle when it comes to paying for your Disney vacation package! Click on the Make a Payment link next to your booking confirmation number when you sign in to your Disney account, then scroll down until you find your Disney Resort hotel reservation.

How do I pay for Disney Plus in the Philippines?

  • The Apple App Store offers iOS gift cards.
  • If you want to use your Disney+ gift card, you need to register for Disney+ Philippines.
  • You can access your favorite content by logging into the Disney+ app.
  • Streaming can be accessed through the Disney + app if you are logged in.

How do I subscribe to Disney Plus directly?

  • The Disney+ app is available in the app store of your device.
  • Sign up for Disney+ by opening the app.
  • A password and an email address are required.
  • Select a subscription option that suits you.
  • In-app purchases are available.


Can Disney+ be subscribed to in other ways?

Disney+ can be subscribed to by Globe subscribers in a variety of ways. If you are a Platinum user, you can include it in your allowance. You can use prepaid credits, your postpaid bill, and reward points to pay for it. Additionally, you can include this in certain GPlan and GFiber plans.

Is Disney+ available through GCredit?

GCredit for Online Payments is enabled once you enable it.

Can I use GCash to subscribe in Disney Plus?

The Disney+ app itself also allows you to subscribe. Set up GCash’s link with Google Play or App Store first. On the main page of the website, click Subscribe, and you will be taken to the plan selection page. Click Continue after selecting your desired plan.

What are the payment methods for Disney Plus?

Visa, including the Disney Visa.
American Express.

How to get free Disney subscription?

Share your Disney Plus account with a friend or family member.
Verizon wireless and internet customers get Disney Plus for free.
Disney Plus-Hulu-ESPN Plus bundles are currently available free of charge to US Mobile customers.
Employees of Disney parks are eligible for free admission.
You can earn SkyMiles as a Delta SkyMiles member.
Hulu Plus Live TV offers it for free.

Is there a Disney Plus free trial?

Does Disney+ Have a Free Trial? No, Disney+ no longer offers a free trial. However, you can get Disney Plus for free through other services, such as a cellular plan.

Is Disney Plus better than Netflix?

The Disney+ streaming service, which is relatively new to the market, offers a strong lineup of content aimed at fans of Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney. Its award-winning original programming is in competition with Netflix, which offers a broader selection of Hollywood films, popular television shows, and TV series.


With GCash, you can subscribe to Disney+ easily. If your GCash is linked to your Google or App Store account, you can subscribe to Disney+ with a cheaper annual subscription with the Alipay Rewards+ promo in the app. Additionally, GCash AMEX cards are also accepted for subscriptions through the Disney+ site.

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