Mastering Mobile Legends: A Step-by-Step Guide how to buy mobile legends diamonds using GCash for Ultimate Gaming Power

how to buy mobile legends diamonds using GCash

In addition to a lot more free time, the pandemic would also mean a lot more free time for a lot of people (especially children). I’ve been exploring mobile games since I don’t have a console and my PC is over ten years old.

In-game microtransactions can be done using GCash in some cases. GCash can be used to purchase diamonds (the in-game currency in Mobile Legends) since it is one of the most popular games around.

How to buy mobile legends diamonds using gcash

GCash, one of the most popular mobile payment services in the Philippines, is an option for purchasing Mobile Legends Diamonds. In order to have the most up-to-date information, check the official Mobile Legends website or GCash app for the latest instructions. For those who want to buy GCash diamonds using Mobile Legends, these steps should be followed:

  • Ensure You Have Sufficient GCash Balance:If you wish to buy Mobile Legends Diamonds, you need to ensure that you have enough GCash balance to do so.
  • Open the Mobile Legends App:You can launch the Mobile Legends app on your mobile device by pressing the following button:
  • Access the In-Game Store:You can purchase Diamonds from the in-game store once you are in the game.
  • Decide how much Diamonds you want to buy: Choose the number of Diamonds you want to purchase.Different packages of Diamonds are usually offered by Mobile Legends.
  • Choose GCash as the Payment Method: The option to choose a payment option is GCash when you are prompted to do so.

Login to Your GCash Account:

If you have not already logged in to your GCash account, you may be asked to do so.

  • Confirm the Purchase: You will need to confirm the purchase details, including how many Diamonds you need to purchase and how much they cost. Ensure that the purchase has been confirmed.
  • Authenticate the Transaction: In addition to providing your PIN or fingerprint, you may need to authenticate the transaction depending on your GCash settings.
  • Complete the Purchase: The Diamonds should appear in your account once you complete the purchase using GCash.
  • Check Your In-Game Balance: Verify your Mobile Legends account’s balance to see if Diamonds have been added.

Mobile Legends or GCash app updates may affect specific steps or options. Customer support at Mobile Legends or GCash can assist you if you experience any issues during the purchase process.

To ensure your account’s security and avoid potential scams, it’s essential to purchase in-game currency through trusted and official channels. If you make a transaction within the Mobile Legends app or website, make sure you double-check the details of your payment and that you are online.

Here are the step by step example How to buy mobile legends diamonds using gcash

Google Play purchase of ML Diamonds

Buying Diamonds in Mobile Legends is easy, but how do you do it?

In Google Play, Diamonds can be purchased using GCash. To link your Google Play account to GCash, you simply need to link your GCash account. Additionally, you can purchase other subscriptions, such as Youtube Premium and other games, once you link your Google Play account.

Be sure your GCash account is funded before logging in. When you try to purchase an item within the game itself, a Google Play window will appear. In that window, you will be able to make a purchase.

how to buy mobile legends diamonds using GCash
how to buy mobile legends diamonds using GCash
how to buy mobile legends diamonds using GCash

Before I can purchase, how much does my GCash wallet have to have in it?

It is recommended that you have a minimum of the amount you plan to spend on Google Play when purchasing.

 Depending on where you purchase your diamonds, this depends on the site. There is a Php 10 Dragonpay transaction fee if it’s from Unipin or Razer Gold.

how to buy mobile legends diamonds using GCash

If I don’t know my Mobile Legends username, where can I find it?

When loading up from an external site, you will need this information. ML app users can get this by going to their Profile page. The button is located at the top right of the page.

Razer Gold / GCash for purchasing Mobile Legends Diamonds

Does the GCash app contain the option to buy Mobile Legends Diamonds?

The Razer Gold PINs can be bought from GCash, but you cannot directly buy diamonds from it. PUBG Mobile, Rules of Survival, and Ragnarok Online M can also be used with these PINs.

GCash’s Razer Gold buying service

  • View All can be found on the main GCash page.
how to buy mobile legends diamonds using GCash
  • You can access Game Credits under the Pay section under the View All page.
how to buy mobile legends diamonds using GCash
  • Click Next to enter your Game Credits number.
how to buy mobile legends diamonds using GCash
  • The amount you plan to purchase can be found under the Mobile Legends tab. Choose the amount you wish to purchase and click Next. Payment must be confirmed.
  • A Razer ePIN will be sent to you, which you can use on the Razer website to redeem it.

My Razer Gold PIN coupon is not working. What should I do?

In order to redeem Razer Gold, you’ll need to go to this page. Having a Razer Gold account is a prerequisite for accessing your Razer Gold Wallet. Additionally, PINs can be purchased through the wallet page. In spite of this, the cost was higher. Buying PINs and redeeming them is a better option.

A Razer Gold PIN must be redeemed to receive the discount

  • Enter your Razer Gold login information on the Razer Gold website.
  • Top of the screen, you will see a yellow plus button.
how to buy mobile legends diamonds using GCash
  • You can reload your Razer Gold account by clicking the Razer Gold PIN button on the reload page. The voucher code needs to be entered in Step 2 and clicked next.
how to buy mobile legends diamonds using GCash
  • The next page will ask you to confirm your order. Upon redemption, the amount you bought should appear in your Razer Gold Wallet.
how to buy mobile legends diamonds using GCash

Would I be able to purchase Razer Gold directly from the website using GCash?

Once you are on the Razer Gold page, you can choose a different payment method. To use GCash as a payment option, you must first pay Php 110. There is also a Php 10 charge if you choose the GCash option.

This is the most expensive way to purchase, so I don’t recommend it.

I would like to use Razer Gold to buy Diamonds for Mobile Legends. How do I do that?

Razer Gold for buying Diamonds in Mobile Legends

  1. To access Razer Gold, log in from the main page.
  2. You can access the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang image by clicking on it.
  3. Your email address and Game User ID must be entered. Choose Razer Gold Wallet as your payment method and enter the amount you wish to purchase. In case your pin has been redeemed, the topped-up amount should be in your wallet.
  4. Confirm your payment by clicking on checkout.
  5. For the transaction to be completed, enter the OTP.

Purchasing Diamonds from Codashop for Mobile Legends

Codashop allows me to use GCash to purchase Diamonds in Mobile Legends?

Choose Mobile Legends from the Direct Top-up section of the Codashop main page. The ML User ID must be provided. Codashop does not charge additional fees because they integrate directly with GCash. It is however necessary to have 51 Diamonds (about 50 pesos) before you can select GCash.

GCash Diamond Purchase via Codashop for Mobile Legends

  1. Click on Mobile Legends on the Codashop home page.
  2. Choose GCash for payment as the payment method, enter your User ID, and select the Recharge amount.
how to buy mobile legends diamonds using GCash
  1. Proceed to the payment page by clicking the Buy Now button.
how to buy mobile legends diamonds using GCash
how to buy mobile legends diamonds using GCash
how to buy mobile legends diamonds using GCash

Purchasing Diamonds on Unipin for Mobile Legends

What are the steps involved in buying Mobile Legends Diamonds using GCash through Unipin?

Click Mobile Legends on the Unipin website. It is also essential to keep your ML User ID handy before beginning. GCash can only be used with 51 Diamonds as a minimum payment before it is enabled.

Diamonds can be bought from Unipin using GCash

  1. Mobile Legends can be accessed from the Unipin home page.
  2. You can find GCash under the Wallet Payment Channel section when you enter your User ID and select the amount.
  3. Complete the transaction by confirming the payment.


How to buy diamonds in ml with GCash?

With the GCash app, it is possible to recharge diamonds in ML.
You can view all Gcash services by opening the Gcash App.
Choose Shop Lifestyle from the drop-down menu.
Your PIN will be sent to the phone number you enter.
Select the 100 Mobile Legends PINs from the Game Credits.
GCash balance can be used to pay.

How to buy diamonds in Mobile Legends Philippines?

Using PayPal, credit cards, online banking, e-wallets, and 7-Eleven are just a few of the options available to those who wish to top up diamonds.

What is the problem with my Mobile Legends Diamonds not appearing in-game?

To refresh your ML Diamond amount, you might have to restart your app.

With GCredit, can I purchase Diamonds in Mobile Legends?

Only certain payment methods are accepted by GCredit for ML Diamonds. In your GCredit under Online Payment Settings, you need to enable GCredit as a backup in order to pay directly through Google Play.


There are five ways to purchase Diamonds in Mobile Legends. Third-party sites or Google Play are both options if we want to buy our coupons through third-parties. A number of websites offer these types of services, including Razer Gold, Codashop, and Unipin.

Razer Gold, a payment processor, must be used to purchase ML Diamonds. An additional Php 10 will be charged for this service. Razer Gold PINs are sold on GCash Buy Load Lifestyle’s website. Your Razer Gold Wallet allows you to redeem vouchers for ML Diamonds, which you can then redeem for Diamonds.

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