Unlocking Victory: How to buy wild cores in wild rift using gcash

How to buy wild cores in wild rift using gcash

League of Legends: Wild Rift Wild Cores can be easily purchased with GCash in this post.

Discover the ultimate guide How to buy wild cores in wild rift using gcash, the seamless and efficient way to enhance your in-game experience. In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll walk you through the simple process of purchasing Wild Cores with GCash, ensuring you stay ahead in the game and unlock exciting features effortlessl.

It is Riot Games’ answer to Mobile Legends, which is a phenomenally popular game on mobile devices. Similar mechanics and interfaces are being used, and they’re taking advantage of shorter lengths and the fact that mobile phones are very popular.

Before, I played more Dota 2 than League of Legends (LoL), but the number of LoL players is now higher than Dota 2. In comparison to Dota2, where all heroes were already unlocked in the beginning, I did not like League of Legends because you had to spend so much time unlocking heroes.

It’s better and more polished than Mobile Legends, so I tried it lately. As for connectivity, I did not experience any spikes during matches, as I did with ML.

What is the procedure for funding my GCash Account?

GCash balances need to be topped up first before they can be used to make purchases. It is possible to pay cash-in in several ways, but the simplest one is through a bank transfer to your account, such as with UnionBank or BPI.

When buying Wild Cores with GCash, what’s the simplest way?

The tutorials will help you familiarize yourself with the game before you can purchase if you are a new player. Wild Cores (WCs) can now be purchased once you reach Level 3.

In-game methods are the simplest. Your GCash account must first be linked to Google Play or the Apple App Store your GCash account must first be linked to Google Play or the Apple App Store.

The use of GCash in-game to purchase Wild Cores

  1. You can add to your collection by clicking the plus button next to the Blue Mote and Wild Core icons on the main page.
  2. Different WC quantities will be shown on the screen. A second screen will appear with details about the item you selected.
  3. You need to click Buy under the payment methods. You will receive your WC once your balance has been deducted.
How to buy wild cores in wild rift using gcash

How are th Wild Cores and Blue Motes different?

After completing certain tasks or winning games, blue motes become available for collection. From within the game, Wild Cores are available for purchase.

Wild Cores can be used to buy what?

From within the game, Wild Cores unlock rewards, bundles, skins, and heroes (champions) as the in-game currency.

  • Your favorite champion can look better with skins, which are cosmetic items
  • You may unlock other champions by spending 725 Wild Cores per hero, as you only get a small pool when you first begin the game.
  • Items such as turrets and icons can also be changed in game
  • Bundles provide your champion with unique and cool skins that make them stand out from the crowd
  • Theere are Wild Passes and Elite Passes. Wild Passes unlock rewards; Elite Passes are more beneficial with levels and a bonus  currencies have other channels of purchase?

A code shop

Several third-party websites are available for online shopping, such as Codashop. Their integration with GCash makes them faster and cheaper than their competitors, and they don’t charge any additional fees.

In order for the digital good to be deposited into your Riot account after payment, you simply need to provide your Riot ID beforehand. It is located right above your current level in your Profile.

How to buy wild cores in wild rift using gcash


Can Wild Cores be purchased in other places?

WCs can only be purchased online through Codashop, the official Riot Games partner.

Can you purchase Wild Cores in GCash?

It is necessary to link your Google Play or Apple App Store account to your GCash account before you can buy Wild Cores. The next step is to click on the blue Mote or Wild Core icon at the top of the page and then click the + button.

What is the process for purchasing Wild Cores in Wild Rift?

Wild Cores can be purchased by tapping the “+” button at the top of the screen. Wild Cores can be purchased from the store in a few different quantities. With each wild core you purchase, you earn more Wild Cores. The more wild cores you purchase, the more Wild Cores you receive.


Wild Cores can be purchased in Wild Rift. The currency can be purchased in-game or on Codashop, which doesn’t charge transaction fees.

By seamlessly purchasing Wild Cores using GCash, you can enhance your Wild Rift gaming experience. In addition to simplifying the purchasing process, this convenient payment method makes it possible to unlock the latest in-game content quickly. GCash is the ultimate Wild Rift currency that offers you a variety of benefits. Check it out now and level up your gameplay!

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