Elevate Your IKEA Shopping Experience: Buying Bargains in IKEA Using GCash

Buying Bargains in IKEA Using GCash

Exploring the world of budget-friendly Buying Bargains in IKEA Using GCash. This abstract delves into the seamless integration of digital payment solutions with retail therapy, highlighting the advantages of using GCash to secure discounts and enhance the shopping experience at IKEA. Discover how modern technology is revolutionizing the way we furnish our homes affordably.

With the launch of the world’s largest IKEA store at SM Megamall, IKEA, the global furniture brand, has truly expanded its presence in the Philippines. The Philippine market is a huge market for them since they are essentially tapping into it as a sort of regional hub for Southeast Asia.

Because of their partnership with SM, GCash integration into payments is also naturally enticing as well. There has always been GCash acceptance at SM Stores and supermarkets.

What is the payment method of Buying Bargains in IKEA Using GCash?

When buying in-store

In the store, you can pay with GCash easily. This terminal generates QR codes similar to these that can be scanned with the GCash scan-to-pay system:

To pay at IKEA, use the GCash QR scan

  1. The QR code is displayed on the bottom bar of the GCash page. Click on it.
  2. The QR code on the payment device should be scanned once the scanner appears.
  3. You can select GCash Balance, GCredit, or GGives as your payment method and click Confirm.
  4. Make sure the cashier has seen the confirmation page for validation.

Is QR Scan to Pay supported by IKEA with GCredit and GGives?

GCash Balances, GCredits, and GGives can all be used to purchase your purchases. 

Credit can be used with GCredit and installments are allowed with GGives. With GGives, you get discounts on big-ticket items, since the service is only available for purchases over Php 5,000.

Buying Bargains in IKEA Using GCash

If you are purchasing online

It is also possible to purchase items via the IKEA site using GCash via 2C2P. Your phone or PC can be used to place an order via your browser.

Occasionally, you can only purchase some items in person, not online.

Using GCash at IKEA to pay online

  1. Go to the checkout page once you’ve selected your items. Please enter your contact information and address.
  2. You can choose to have your order delivered or picked up.
  3. Select GCash as your payment option
  4. GCash will redirect you to the page you requested. In order to authenticate, you’ll need to enter your mobile number, one-time password, and MPIN.
  5. Click the Confirm Payment button once you have chosen your payment method (Cash, GCredit, or GGives).
Buying Bargains in IKEA Using GCash

Is GCredit and GGives accepted on the IKEA online site?

GCredit and GGives can both be used to make payments. There are different payment arrangements available to suit your needs, so it’s convenient for you.


Can I still go to IKEA without a reservation?

You don’t have to wait until you’re fully vaccinated to go shopping. Taking your children along is also an option.

Does the store allow pets?

The store management does not allow pets other than service animals and those that are properly vetted.

When do you open and close the actual store?

There is an IKEA store in every town and city from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Have you ever ordered items online and had them delivered in a timely manner?

A couple of days later, I received my package. In an IKEA box, it arrived fairly quickly.

How do online purchases get delivered?

You can choose either to have your order delivered, pick it up at an IKEA Collection Point, or have it delivered by truck for an additional fee.
According to current information, the following IKEA Collection Points are available:
Approximately 400 PHP in Metro Manila (Taguig)
A taxi will cost you Php 400 from South Metro Manila (Paranaque)
There is a Php 400 surcharge for West Metro Manila (Valenzuela)
The cost is Php 900 in Pampanga
Approximately 2700 pesos in Cebu

What if I want to make purchases online with my IKEA Family Card?

There is no restriction on using your IKEA Family Card online, as well as at the actual store. In addition to providing rewards and discounts, the card offers membership benefits.

Is it possible to pay for online purchases with cash on delivery?

There is no credit card option, no debit card option, and BDO card installment payments are the only payment options accepted.

Online purchases with IKEA Gift Cards are possible?

In-store purchases are the only way to use IKEA Gift Cards.


The Philippines has become a regional hub for IKEA in SE Asia, as discussed during our conversation. In light of this, the company has opened an online shop and set up a large store. The company has partnered with GCash to accept e-wallets in stores and online.

Payment methods include GCredit, GGives, and scan-to-pay with GCash.

GCash has the following main features after reading about it:

Money Transfers:

CAsh In, Cash Out:

New Features:

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