Simplify Your Shopping: How to Use GCash in 7-Eleven

How to Use GCash in 7-Eleven

This concise guide How to Use GCash in 7-Eleven essential steps for utilizing GCash, a widely used mobile wallet service in the Philippines, for transactions at 7-Eleven stores. It highlights the process of setting up the GCash app, funding the wallet, and seamlessly making payments or loading funds at 7-Eleven locations. Users are advised to consult updated instructions from GCash for the latest details on this convenient payment method.

As the most mainstream convenience store in the Philippines, 7-11 (or 7-Eleven) lets you pay for bills, load, and purchase food and alcohol. My personal opinion is that Japanese convenience stores still hold the gold standard for convenience stores with ATMs, photocopiers, magazines, comfort rooms, and ticket sales, but I digress.

Although we don’t have physical stores like Japanese 7-11 stores, we do have integrated digital wallets. There are three main digital wallets here in the Philippines (GCash, Paymaya, and that can be used to cash-in.

The purpose of this guide is to explain how to use GCash in 7-11 stores.

Step by Step Guide How to Use GCash in 7-Eleven

As of my last knowledge, GCash is a mobile wallet and payment service widely used in the Philippines. Paying with GCash, sending money, and completing financial transactions at 7-Eleven stores are all possible with GCash. The latest information on the GCash app or website and 7-Eleven staff are always the best sources of information, but specific procedures and options may change over time.

Here are the general steps to use GCash in a 7-Eleven store:

  • Download the GCash App: Check out the GCash mobile app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store if you haven’t already. You don’t need an account to use the app. Just download it and install it.
  • Fund Your GCash Wallet: Your GCash wallet must be sufficiently stocked before you can make a transaction at 7-Eleven. In addition to linking your bank account to your GCash wallet, you can also cash in at partner outlets or receive money from other GCash users.
  • Open the GCash App: Log in to your account with the GCash mobile app.
  • Select “Pay QR”:Find the “Pay QR” option in the GCash app. 7-Eleven accepts QR codes for payments. You can generate one with this program.
  • Scan the 7-Eleven Barcode: GCash QR codes can be scanned at 7-Eleven stores. GCash cashiers use QR codes to identify your account information, which contains your GCash account information.
  • Enter the Transaction Amount: Payments or GCash wallet loadings can be made by informing the cashier of the transaction amount. To make the transaction, make sure your GCash wallet has enough balance.
  • Verify and Confirm: Ensure that the amount displayed on the cashier’s screen is correct by double-checking the transaction details. If everything seems correct, confirm the transaction.
  • Receive Confirmation: Your GCash app should confirm the transaction and you should receive a receipt from the cashier once the transaction has been completed successfully. You should keep the receipt as a record.
  • Review Your GCash Transaction History: If you want to make sure that the payment or load was processed correctly, you can review your transaction history within the GCash app after the transaction.

My last update may have introduced new features and procedures. Keep up to date with any changes to how GCash works at 7-Eleven or any other partner establishment by checking the GCash website or app. You can also contact GCash customer support for assistance if you encounter any issues or have questions.

When I visit 7-11, how can I use my GCash?

GCash Mastercards can be bought and cash-ins can be done in 7-11. QR payments can be used to purchase items, and cash-ins can be done there as well. GCash is now accepted at Food Panda, following a recent update.

Getting cash from 7-11

What is the process for cashing in?

Cliqq kiosks and Cliqq apps are the only ways to cash-in. The ability to cash in at 7-11 using bar codes (similar to Paymaya) was briefly available but has since disappeared for some reason.

To cash in your GCash using a Cliqq kiosk, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on E-Money on the main page, and then select GCash.
  2. The amount must be entered and confirmed along with your mobile number.
  3. Pay the cashier with the barcode printed by the machine.
  4. A GCash wallet notification and a SMS notification will be sent once the payment is successful.

Cliqq app: how to use it

By using the app, you can generate your own code and jump the Cliqq machine line. Also useful if Cliqq kiosks aren’t working, or when they don’t have internet connections. Whenever you do not have data, it’s useful to pre-generate the code 30 minutes before you go to 7-11.

Cashing in GCash using the Cliqq app:

  1. Cliqq’s app allows you to add e-money by selecting “Add e-Money”.
  2. GCash Cash In is displayed on the next screen.
  3. The amount you want to withdraw, and the mobile number you want to use, should be entered.
  4. The barcode will be generated by you. The cashier will scan it when you pay cash.

In the event that I encounter an error with the cash-in process, what should I do?

It is important to keep the receipt in case you need assistance from ECPay. In case of Cliqq-related questions, it is best to contact ECPay.

Are there any cash-in fees at 7-11?

When cashing out at 7-11, there is a 1% transaction fee. A cash-in amount of Php 1000 will be credited or added to your balance with a fee of Php 10, and the balance will be Php 990. As this is a fee collected by 7-11, it always comes first.

If you cash in your GCash from a partner outlet for the first 8000 pesos per month, you won’t have to pay anything. A 2% fee will be applied when the amount exceeds Php 8000. Whenever a new month begins, this limit will be refreshed.

When cashing out in 7-11, if you’ve exceeded the Php 8000 limit, you’ll be charged the first fee (7-11 fee), followed by the second fee (GCash fee).

Your Inbox will be notified as soon as you reach the limit and once you pass it, you will be charged.

We are only including cash-ins from manual transactions – remittances and bank deposits are not included.

You can see alternative solutions on my fees page if you would like to circumvent this fee.

What is the cash out policy at 7-11?

7-11s are not currently cashable. Our only downside is that we cannot always get GCash Mastercards. In all my trips to 7-11, I couldn’t locate any.

GCash Mastercards are now welcome at many branches due to the existence of cash-recycling ATMs. A fee of approximately Php 10-20 will be charged for ATM withdrawals.

Payments in 7-11

What is the process for using GCash at 7-11?

QR payments are now available at 7-11 thanks to an integration with GCash. Like Bonchon, Starbucks, and Puregold, they use Generate Codes for payment. Check out this post for more details about QR Payments.

The QR code or barcode must be presented during the payment process and scanned. When the payment is successful, the app and SMS will notify you.

The use of GCash at 7-Eleven

  1. You can pay QR with the GCash app by clicking the Pay QR button. Pay for your purchase with enough balance.
  2. You can generate a QR/Barcode code by clicking Generate Code on the Pay QR/Barcode page.
  3. Cashiers can scan QR Codes/Barcodes. App users will see a success page once payment has been processed.
  4. SMS notifications will also be sent to you.

Is GCredit a payment method I can use?

Unfortunately, no. GCredit is not currently accepted as a payment method.

Can I cancel my payment if it didn’t go through?

The cashier can provide you with the error message. A QR barcode payment usually fails because the user does not have enough funds to complete the purchase.

GCash can be used for other things at 7-11

Food Panda allows me to order items from 7-11?

In Food Panda, you can also pay with your GCash Mastercard or AMEX card. GCash can now be used directly in the app via auto-debit.

My GCredit bill is due this month. Can I pay it in 7-11?

Yes, of course. On the Cliqq kiosk machine, you’ll find a biller for Fuse Lending. Please enter your GCash mobile number as your account number. The amount you would need to pay can be found on your latest statement.


How do I download the GCash app?

Android users can download GCash from the Google Play Store, and iOS users can get it from Apple’s App Store. Download “GCash” by searching for it on the app store.

How do I sign up for a GCash account?

After you have downloaded the GCash app, you can sign up by following the instructions on the screen. Register by providing your mobile number, creating a PIN, and providing your email address.

How can I fund my GCash wallet?

GCash wallets can be topped up via bank accounts, ATM cashouts (like 7-Eleven), and money received from other GCash users. Ask a cashier for assistance at 7-Eleven if you want to fund.

What is the “Pay QR” feature in the GCash app?

You can generate a QR code for your account information using the “Pay QR” feature in the GCash app. 7-Eleven and other GCash partner establishments accept this QR code for payments and transactions.

How do I make a payment at 7-Eleven using GCash?

The GCash app will generate your QR code when you tap “Pay QR” on the 7-Eleven app. Show the cashier this QR code so that he or she can scan it. Confirm the payment details, enter the transaction amount, and verify the details.

Can I load funds into my GCash wallet at any 7-Eleven store?

Most 7-Eleven stores in the Philippines allow you to load funds into your GCash wallet. To ensure that this service is available, please contact the specific store.

What should I do if I encounter issues with my GCash transaction at 7-Eleven?

GCash customer support can assist you in case of any transaction problems, such as incorrect amounts or failed payments.

Is it safe to use GCash for transactions at 7-Eleven?

It is generally safe to transact with GCash at 7-Eleven. The financial data you submit to GCash is encrypted and secure. In order to prevent unauthorized access, you should keep your account PIN and mobile device secure.

Please note that the information provided is based on my knowledge, and there may have been updates or changes to GCash procedures since then. Always refer to the latest information on the GCash website or app for the most current details on using GCash at 7-Eleven stores.


In conclusion, using GCash as a payment method at 7-Eleven stores offers a convenient and efficient way to manage your finances while minimizing the need for physical cash transactions. This guide has provided a step-by-step overview of the process, from downloading the GCash app to completing transactions at the store. As technology and payment methods continue to evolve, staying informed about any updates or changes in the GCash service is crucial. By following the steps outlined and keeping up with the latest information, you can make the most of this digital wallet and enjoy a seamless shopping experience at 7-Eleven and other partner establishments.

It’s possible to cash in and pay using GCash at 7-11 (or 7-Eleven).

Cliqq machines are required for cashing in. The GCash app has a Generate Code feature for payments, and In the Food Panda app, you can choose between GCash direct auto-debit and AMEX/GCash Mastercard. GCash Mastercards are also available at 7-11.

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