A Simplified How to Sports Betting via ArenaPlus in GCash

How to Sports Betting via ArenaPlus in GCash

Is this your first time betting on sports? GCash accounts are easy to set up.

I am not an advocate for online gambling and do not intend to lure anyone into it. I am simply trying to educate. You must manage your appetite with regard to games of chance if you wish to gamble. Gambling entails high risks, so you must manage your appetite accordingly. Ensure you are comfortable to lose the funds you are gambling with.

There is a sports betting component to BingoPlus, which is ArenaPlus. In addition to basketball, football, tennis, volleyball, badminton, cricket, e-sports, table tennis, and baseball, you have the option of betting on sports outcomes (local and foreign).

Here are some basic tips for How to Sports Betting via ArenaPlus in GCash

Sports betting can be done in a variety of ways. What are they?

Bets come in many varieties. Before a match, teams can bet on their chances of winning or losing or you can bet on individual players based on their scores. A bookmaker should allow you to place a bet on the game’s outcome before it ends.

How are betting odds expressed in decimal form?

If you win the bet, the odds and multipliers are usually indicated by a decimal notation beside the bet.

If you bet Php 100 and win, you will receive Php 94 with odds of 0.94.

 As a bonus, you also get your original Php 100 bet back if you win, making your overall winnings Php 194. All your money, including your original wager, is lost if you lose.

How do sports bets work?

Once you understand how the betting works, you can apply the principal to many other sports, too. The betting principle is based mainly on basketball, but the principle applies to many other sports as well.

Investing in moneylines

Simple bets on the winner of a game constitute the simplest type of bet. As the outcomes can be quite lopsided, bookies rarely offer this type of wager. It is possible to bet on even-matched teams or players, however.

The following are some examples from basketball:

  • A record of 1.32 for the Portland Trail Blazers
  • Three-fourths of a point for the Spurs

In other words, the higher the number, the decreased chance the team has of winning that game. In the event of a win by Portland, I would receive 132 Php, and this already takes into account the original stake of 100 Php. Consequently, I would earn Php 343 if San Antonio won, because 3.43 times 100 is Php 343.

Betting on handicaps

Almost all sports engage in this type of betting. In order to make betting on underdogs worthwhile, the bookie has set handicaps for each team.

Here are some examples:

  • There is a spread of 2.5 and 1.92 for the Charlotte Hornets
  • A positive 2.5, a 1.96 for the Indiana Pacers

A negative point winning team has a greater chance of winning the game. Taking the example above, you bet on the Hornets to win by more than 2.5 points over the Pacers, and the bookie has set a handicap of -2.5 points.

Despite the +2.5 point handicap, you can still win your bet on the Pacers even if they lose as long as the points reach or go over the Hornets’ score even if the Pacers lose. You win the bet if the Pacers win.

As an example:

  • If the Hornets beat the Pelicans 120-117, then the Hornets covered the 2.5 points, and the bet on the Hornets is successful
  • Ultimately, if the Hornets beat the Pacers 120-118, the Pacers cover the 2.5 points and will win their wager.
  • Betting on the Pacers for a 120-119 win is guaranteed to win
Is there a reason why some handicaps have an additional 0.5?

Underdogs can win with one point less than the favorite, and the favorite needs to gain one more point for the bet to win.

Here are the odds, for instance: Lakers +3.5, Raptors -3.5

In order for these bets to win, the Lakers must win outright or lose by 3 points or less. For theirs to win, however, the Raptors must win by at least 4 points. It’s possible because of the difference of 0.5.

Betting on overs and unders

Both teams or players’ combined scores are taken into account when betting on this type of bet. A total points bet can be placed on a game, quarter, or half, or you can bet on the total points per quarter or half.

In basketball, for example:

There is a difference between O 247.5, 0.68 and U 247.5, 0.92 for O 247.5

Here, 247.5 points may be scored in a variety of ways, such as 115-114 or any other variation. It is impossible to draw since there is a 0.5 difference.

The odds and evens betting system

Odd/Even betting functions similarly to Over/Under betting, as it determines whether the total score of both teams or players is odd or even. The sportsbook you choose may allow you to bet on each quarter or on the entire game after the game.

Bets on parlays

Because the stake is tied exactly to each wager, this is a high-risk and high-reward bet. In this case, you would be paid out more money, but if one wager loses, you also lose the bet.

There are usually two games you bet on, one for a specific team and another for a different team. Compared to separate bets, the winnings are much greater.

Betting on the outcome

Betting on the winner of a season or tournament in the long term is a high-risk and high-reward venture because you are betting in the long run.

Bets on sides

Some sportsbooks offer side bets on a particular game, as well. The following are some examples:

  • The number of 3-pointers scored by the team
  • A player’s highest point total (points)

ArenaPlus and BingoPlus have different features, what’s the difference?

It is one of the many online e-game platforms accredited by PAGCOR. Through the implementation of a prize pot, users are able to win prizes. Website, app, and GLife are all ways to play the game.

On the same platform as BingoPlus, ArenaPlus lets you place sports bets. A separate app or website is not available and you can only play through GLife.

What is the ArenaPlus registration process?

In GLife, you can register for ArenaPlus

Glife does not require you to make any changes if you have an existing BingoPlus account. It is possible to use the same account across both platforms, and even the balance is the same.

In order to register in BingoPlus outside GLife, you must not have registered a mobile number. The GLife account creation process is strictly restricted to accessing the account through GCash. By doing so, other users will not be able to impersonate you or play the game as a minor. A fully verified GCash account is also required.

Registering in GLife for ArenaPlus

  1. The GLife button can be found on the GCash main page.
  2. ArenaPlus can be searched for directly on the GLife homepage or found by clicking the Play Games button and then ArenaPlus.
  3. In order to receive an OTP and complete the ArenaPlus registration process, accept the opt-in page and click the Send button.
  4. ArenaPlus’ main screen will appear once you have registered.
How to Sports Betting via ArenaPlus in GCash

What is the procedure for depositing money into ArenaPlus?

Due to ArenaPlus’s exclusivity in GLife, your funds are already inside GCash, so you can easily transfer them. The GCash wallet must be topped-up/deposited with funds in order to do so.

GLife fund deposits

  1. Click the Deposit button after logging into ArenaPlus GLife.
  2. By selecting the deposit amount and clicking on confirm, you will be able to complete the deposit process.
  3. In order to complete the payment, you must confirm your payment on the payment page. BingoPlus is the name of the merchant. A successful top-up will be displayed once the process is complete.
How to Sports Betting via ArenaPlus in GCash

What is the process for withdrawing money from Bingo Plus?

In the same way that deposits can be made, withdrawals can also be made, either via the GLife app or website. By using GLife, you can do it easily. You will still need to undergo KYC if you withdraw via website or app. The monthly withdrawal limit for GCash is used up by withdrawals.

In GLife, you can withdraw funds from Bingo Plus

  1. You can withdraw money from Bingo Plus by clicking Withdraw from the main page.
  2. Your withdrawal amount will be displayed. Proceed by clicking Confirm.
  3. In order to withdraw funds, you need to wait for the withdrawal request to be approved. An SMS will be sent to you once the process has been completed. Despite the name change, BingoPlus is still the merchant.
How to Sports Betting via ArenaPlus in GCash

What is ArenaPlus betting?

After choosing your sport, you can begin betting on ArenaPlus. A live games tab, an upcoming games tab, and a games tab are available. Live games are still available, and odds change as the game progresses.

Games to be played within the next few hours are those that are upcoming. We will play games within the day today, as mentioned above.

In addition to selecting a game, you can also choose the types of bets you wish to place. Additionally, you have the option to select your bet amount. Betting minimums are Php 50. The Statement at the bottom of the page allows you to track the results after you place a bet.

How to Sports Betting via ArenaPlus in GCash


What is the length of time it takes to verify KYC?

It took me around 15 minutes to be verified. Processing would probably take no more than a day.

How can KYC be performed with valid IDs?

According to their KYC page, these IDs are listed:

  • Licence to drive
  • Identification number for TINs
  • UMID
  • Identification card for voters
  • SSI number
  • Getting a passport
  • A PhilHealth ID is required
  • Clearance by the NBI
  • ID number for OWWA
  • Citizenship Card for Seniors
  • Identification card for the postal service
  • Registration Certificate for Alien
  • ID number of the PRC
  • An official photo certificate for the barangay
  • ID card for OFWs
  • Documentation of police clearance
  • Seaman’s Book
  • Firearm License
  • Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID
  • National ID

What is the reason for the delay in my withdrawal?

Due to the fact that withdrawals are manually initiated after review, they usually take between five and fifteen minutes. The transfer of funds may need to be coordinated by the office for bigger winnings.

When I try to deposit or withdraw money, I receive the following error message: “Please deposit or withdraw via GCash Mini App of Bingoplus ”?

As such, you should only transact on GLife through BingoPlus or ArenaPlus if you already have an account.

How to Sports Betting via ArenaPlus in GCash

In ArenaPlus, is it possible to consistently win?

Sports betting differs from bingo in that it requires more calculation. If you study the teams and the conditions they are playing in, you are more likely to win most of the time. We need to consider player injuries as well as streaks and streaky teams sometimes when playing away.

As compared with the previous eras when superteams thrived, the NBA league is a lot more competitive nowadays. There are times even when losing teams win against good teams, so we can’t be sure that underdogs will get the win.

By betting consistently, you can avoid loss of large amounts of money. For instance, you can place the same bet on each game you play.


Sports betting can be made easy in GLife with ArenaPlus. It is easy to log in to BingoPlus using your existing BingoPlus account since it is shared. Their account balances are even shared. It’s easy to opt in because you can deposit and withdraw your winnings with your GCash.

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