How to Know Your GCash Account Number

GCash Account Number

The process of receiving money in GCash is pretty simple because the sender only needs your GCash number. Is it possible to obtain a new GCash number if you have forgotten or lost yours? To accept payments and fund transfers from other GCash users, how and where can you find your GCash account number?

The GCash account number represents your GCash account or e-wallet. It is a unique 11-digit number. In order to register for GCash, you must use the same mobile number as your mobile number. As a result, if you wonder what your GCash number is, it’s most likely your current mobile number.

In some cases, GCash users have accidentally forgotten their number because they have registered with a different mobile number. The good news is that GCash doesn’t explicitly prohibit multiple accounts, so it is possible to open a new account and use your current mobile number to access it.

In the event that you are genuinely interested in finding or recovering your GCash number, there are several options that you can try. When you believe that you still have balance remaining in your GCash wallet or if you are really concerned about the account (e.g. high GScore, unpaid GCredit balance, etc.), you should try to recover your account number.

How to Know Your GCash Account Number

How to Find or Retrieve Your GCash Account Number

Should you lose or forget your GCash number, we’ve outlined three ways to retrieve it.

Check Your GCash Number on the Mobile App

Your GCash number can be found in the GCash mobile app. Most GCash users are aware of the fact that their account numbers are displayed directly on the app, but some do not know where they can find it.

GCash users can find their account number by logging into their account using their MPIN and then tapping “PROFILE” on the bottom menu. Your GCash number will be displayed immediately below your name.

GCash Account Number

Send an Email to GCash

GCash customer support can provide you with your account number if you do not have the GCash app or cannot log into your account. GCash Help Center also allows you to submit support tickets.

If you would like to ask for your number from GCash, you can use this template to do so (be sure to edit it with your own details):

Hello, GCash!

Due to my lack of access to my GCash account, I would like to request my GCash number. For your verification, I am providing the following personal information:


Date of Birth: Email: 

For identification purposes, I have attached my valid ID. Thank you!

Truly yours,

You should send an email with a photo or scanned copy of your valid ID (e.g. UMID, passport, voter’s ID).

Please allow 1-2 business days for a response. In order to verify your ownership of the account, GCash may request additional information.

Call the GCash Hotline Number

The GCash customer service hotline at 2882 can also be used to obtain your account number (for Globe subscribers only). There may be charges associated with long-distance and airtime calls made to non-Globe subscribers (02) 7730-2882.

We are available by phone every day from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Sunday.

GCash Account Number Sample

GCash account numbers typically have 11 digits and look like this: 09XXXXXXXX. Take the following example: 09123456789. A Philippine mobile number is the same as any other.

In the GCash number, you do not need to include the international area code +63. The number needs to be only eleven digits long and should begin with “0”.

Can You Change Your GCash Number?

If you have an existing mobile number, is it possible to change it to your GCash number? 

Email or submit a support ticket to request GCash to change your account number. As part of the registration process, you will be asked to provide a few personal details, including your old and new mobile numbers, date of birth, and your last GCash balance.


Where can I see my GCash card number?

You can link a card by tapping the link. Enter the 16-digit number on your card. A card’s front can be found with this number.

How can I know my GCash account is linked?

You can start by opening the GCash App and tapping the App drawer on. Click on ‘My Linked Accounts’ at the top left corner.

How can I check my card number?

Your card should have a number on the front.
It is a good idea to print or emboss the credit card number across the front of the card in raised numbers.

Can I have another GCash account using the same number?

What is the maximum number of GCash accounts I can have for one mobile number? The number of GCash accounts per mobile device is limited to on.


There are several ways to recover your GCash account number if you lose it. It’s worth the effort to try to recover your GCash number if your e-wallet still has money left. Most people just create a new GCash account if they’ve forgotten their account number or lost their SIM. In case you don’t have access to your old mobile number, you can request a change of number if you know your GCash account number.

Please contact our toll-free hotline at 2882 or email us at if you have any questions or concerns.

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