How to Get Your GCash Referral Code and Use It to Earn Money

GCash referral Code

Nowadays, you can make money through your smartphone. In addition to handling your finances efficiently, mobile payment platforms and e-wallets, such as GCash, can also earn you money if you refer your friends and family to the service. This article explains how to get GCash referral codes and earn money with them.

Take advantage of the GCash referral code to unlock financial rewards and opportunities. The purpose of this guide is to introduce you to GCash-referral-code and show you how to use it to earn rewards and incentives. Learn how you can benefit from GCash’s referral program in as little as a few steps, and how the gcash-referral-code can help you become more financially successful.

Get started earning today with GCash referral codes. Discover how to get your GCash referral code and leverage it to generate extra income. As many of us already know, GCash is a great way to send and receive money, pay bills, load prepaid cards, and shop online. Would you like to earn money by telling your friends about the country’s #1 e-wallet app? If someone signs up for GCash through the link or code you share, you will earn handsome commissions.

Through your GCash referral code, you can earn up to $1,250 monthly by inviting your family, friends and even complete strangers to join. Although it’s not much, sharing your GCash referral code on Facebook, Messenger, and other social media sites will earn you an extra $50. Your referral link will earn you $50 once your friend clicks on it and registers with GCash.

Make sure to remind your referral to upgrade his account and verify his GCash account before you earn anything. The only thing you need to verify your GCash account is an ID and a selfie photo. GCash account verification using student id can be found in this article.

Referring up to 25 new signups within that month is limited since each user is only allowed to refer to 1,250 per month in referral commissions. From that point on, no new signups will earn you money until the following month. I certainly agree that these limits are a bummer, but GCash likely put them in place to prevent abuse and to maintain a level playing field.

If you refer your friends to GCash, you won’t become a millionaire, but it will assist you in paying the bills. Every GCash user is provided with a referral code, which they can send to their friends via text message, social media, and online messaging apps. GCash referral codes are readily available on the GCash app and can be shared on Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and many other social networks. Affiliates don’t need to apply for affiliate status because the GCash referral code is directly available on the GCash app.

GCash referral codes might not be obvious to you, so here’s a guide to help you find them. GCash requires no account registration, so if you do not have one, you can create one by following this link to read our complete guide on how to register to GCash and verify your account.

With the help of this guide, you’ll discover how to obtain your unique code and how to maximize its value. Learn about GCash referral codes and how to use them to earn money with referrals.

What is GCash?

A Philippines mobile wallet app called GCash makes it possible for users to perform various financial transactions using their smartphones. The company provides a wide variety of services, including mobile banking, bill payments, online shopping, and virtual credit card access. In the age of cashless transactions, GCash has become an essential tool for Filipinos because of its convenience and security.

The Importance of Referral Codes

There are many companies, including GCash, that use referral codes for marketing purposes. New users may use these codes to invite existing users to the platform, thereby benefitting both parties. Referrals usually receive incentives for using the service, both from the referrer and the referee.

Where to get gcash-referral-code

Your GCash referral code can be found in three simple steps. It’s actually not a “code” that you’ll receive from GCash, but a link and a short invitation message. When your referrals click on your link to register for an account, the GCash referral code will be added to the link or URL.

GCash referral codes can be found by following these steps (make sure your GCash mobile app is already installed)

Step 1:. Log into your GCash account with your MPIN using the app on your smartphone. Log in and click the “PROFILE” button in the upper right corner.

GCash referral Code

Step 2:. It will display the main menu. Click the “Refer Friends” button.

GCash referral Code

Step 3:. You’re now in the “Refer Friends” page, where you can track the number of people you’ve referred and how much you’ve earned. As well as buttons for sharing your GCash referral code and links to Messenger, SMS, and QR codes, there are also buttons for sharing the code in other ways.

GCash referral Code

Sharing Your Referral Code

You can earn money through GCash by sharing your referral code. GCash rewards referrals based on how many people you invite to use it.

How to refer others to GCash

It’s time to start using your GCash referral code by sharing it via social media platforms and messaging apps or by texting it to your friends. For sharing your GCash referral code, there are four buttons on the GCash Refer Friends screen:

  • Messenger – Using Facebook Messenger, share your referral code with your contacts.
  • SMS – Share your GCash referral link by texting it to anyone you know.
  • Share QR – Make your QR code visible so your referrals can scan it.
  • More Options – Share content through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber and more using the apps on your phone.
GCash referral Code

A tap on the SMS button, for example, launches your text messaging app and automatically fills the message field with an invitation to join GCash with your referral link. Sending the message to your recipient is all that’s needed.

GCash will reward you a commission if your recipient clicks your link and registers to GCash, but only after he verifies his account and performs his first cash-out. Referring a friend to GCash doesn’t earn you money if he does not verify or upgrade his account. In order to earn a commission from GCash, your referral must verify his account with a valid ID and selfie photo.

GCash referral Code

It’s the 7-digit code after your referral link that contains your GCash referral code. GCash referral code 1sBYVyB is the same as, for example.

How to share your GCash referral code with the world

Have trouble in sharing and promoting your GCash referral code? To get you started, here are a few tips:

  • By texting your referral link to friends and family, you can invite them to join GCash.
  • You can share your referral code on your Facebook timeline or feed.
  • Join Facebook groups and share your referral code or link.
  • Use Twitter to share your GCash referral code.
  • In YouTube videos, leave a comment with your referral link.
  • Use your link to invite your YouTube subscribers to sign up for GCash.
  • If you use Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, or any other messaging application, you can share your referral code with your friends.
  • In your Instagram posts, include your referral link.
  • Your GCash referral link should be included in an article on your blog (if you have one).

Before sharing your GCash referral code on any website, ensure that you read the terms and policies of that website to determine if affiliate links are allowed. In such cases, you may be suspended or banned from the platform. Referral codes should not be spammed.

Earning Money with Referral Codes

Both referrers and referees benefit from GCash’s various incentives, which makes it a win-win situation. The new user and you both receive rewards when they use your referral code and perform specific actions, such as verifying their account or making their first transaction.

Tracking Your Referral Rewards

Follow up with your referrals and their actions to ensure you receive your referral rewards. It is usually possible to track the progress of each referral within GCash’s app’s referral history or status section.

Tips for Maximizing Referral Earnings

  • Promote GCash: You can encourage your family and friends to use GCash by telling them about the advantages.
  • Explain the Referral Program: Make sure they understand how the referral program works and what rewards they can expect.
  • Help New Users: Taking care of the account setup and first transaction of new users.
  • Use Social Media: Reach out to a broader audience by utilizing social media platforms.
  • Be Patient and Persistent: Be patient and continue promoting GCash if everyone does not sign up right away.


In conclusion, the GCash referral code presents an exciting avenue to enhance your financial prospects. By sharing the gcash-referral-code with others, you not only contribute to their financial convenience but also unlock a range of rewards for yourself. This dynamic referral program emphasizes the power of community and mutual benefit, making your financial journey more rewarding than ever. Embrace the potential of the gcash-referral-code and open the doors to a world of shared prosperity and convenience.

Getting your GCash referral code and using it to earn money is a straightforward process. By sharing your code and explaining the benefits of GCash, you can grow your network and enjoy the rewards that come with it. It’s a win-win situation for both you and the people you refer.

Get started today and explore the exciting world of GCash and its referral program. Your smartphone can be more than just a communication device; it can also be a source of income.


What is a referral source code?

An important field in referral information is the Referral Source Code. You should assign a Referral Source Code to each source of referral your practice receives. Whenever your practice receives referrals from a physician or other place or source, you should create a Referral Source Code.

What is referral code link?

Companies provide referral links to existing customers as part of referral marketing programs to promote their brand and products. Referral links are provided to customers who enroll in a referral program.

What is the difference between referral code and link?

An affiliate referral code is a unique combination of numbers and letters on a referral link, which is used to identify affiliates.

Do I need a referral code?

Referral programs are a great idea for online businesses. Your referral program will be more successful if you use referral codes and links to track its success. You will be able to reward every deserving customer without making any mistakes if you use referral codes and links.

How much can I earn through GCash referral codes?

Cash incentives, discounts, and special promotions are usually included in GCash’s referral rewards. Referrals can potentially earn you more money if you make more of them.

Can I use my referral rewards to pay bills or make transactions on GCash?

Yep, you can make various transactions within the GCash ecosystem with your referral rewards, such as paying bills, shopping online, or making payments.

Is there a limit to how many referrals I can make?

You are typically limited to making a certain number of referrals within a certain period of time with GCash. Referral program terms are available on their app or website.

Can I refer people from outside the Philippines?

It’s important to verify any geographical restrictions within GCash referral programs, since they are typically designed for Filipino users.

How long do referral rewards take to be credited to my account?

While referral rewards may take a bit of time to credit to GCash accounts, most rewards are usually credited within a reasonable amount of time.

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