How to Earn Money Using GCash in 2024

How to Earn Money Using GCash

The Philippines’ premier finance app, GCash, has grown from a simple money transfer service to become a top financial app. Filipinos were able to manage their money more effectively through this app, one of a few pioneering financial apps.

The GCash app has remained a reliable option for Filipinos to send and receive money and pay for bills online-from paying bills to going cashless. You can earn extra money by using GCash on the side, not only for people who want to manage their money easily. Using its app, users can earn money over the years thanks to the many features it has integrated. 

You have come to the right place if you’re wondering how to earn money with GCash.

GCash Earning Requirements: What do you need to do?

You need access to GCash’s different features in order to begin earning. Verification is the only way to take advantage of all its features, so do your best to upgrade your account as soon as possible. Several requirements must be met in order to complete this free service.

The GCash account can be created by anyone, regardless of age or nationality. The application process can be initiated on the GCash app by preparing the following requirements.

  • Registration number for GCash 
  • Identification card issued by a government agency
  • The self-portrait 
  • Full name, address, date of birth, nationality and birth date

Foreign nationals and minors may have additional requirements.

An account that is fully verified has many benefits, making it worth the extra effort. You will also be able to access all GCash features and services once your account is legitimized and you increase your wallet and transaction limits.

An unverified GCash account gives you access to the following services which allow you to make money with GCash. For example, you can cash in, buy loads, pay bills, and use the QR code feature with a basic GCash account.

  • Send Money
  • Bank Transfer
  • GSave
  • GInsure
  • GLoan
  • GGives
  • GCredit
  • GCash Padala
  • GFunds
  • GCrypto
  • GStocks PH
  • Global GStocks
  • GCash Card 

Is your account already verified? Let’s start making money with it!

How to Earn Money on GCash in the Philippines

It is possible to earn money through a number of apps. Most of them are legitimate, but a few are scams that may exploit your vulnerabilities. Earning an income outside of the traditional way is something that should be viewed with a degree of skepticism. 

The inclusive nature of GCash often leads to the attraction of fraudsters and cybercriminals, but the company is actively working to combat this.

Be wary of scams and don’t let them intimidate you. It doesn’t matter what they are, as long as you are aware of how to detect them and what you will do with them. You can earn some extra money with GCash in a number of ways that are legitimate. You can make your GCash wallet stronger with any of the tips below through the GCash app.

Save money and earn interest

On GCash, GSave, GCash’s digital savings feature, is an easy way to earn money. Your savings will accumulate interest over time when you leave them in your account at GCash’s partner banks due to their competitive rates.

Several years have passed since GSave was introduced. Regulatory authority Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) regulates it. Each of GCash’s partner banks is also a member of the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC), which insures all deposits up to $500,000.

The GCash platform offers a wide range of safe and competitive options from four banks. Listed below are the main features of each bank.

Every GCash partner bank has different eligibility requirements. As a starting point, the following criteria must be met:

  • Citizen of the Philippines
  • A minimum age of 18 is required
  • GCash user with full verification
  • An official government-issued identification must be presented

You may need to submit specimen signatures to some of these banks; others may require you to verify your identity in person. A GSave account can be created fairly easily, however.

Invest in Professionally Managed Funds

Its own investment marketplace, GFunds, gives you the opportunity to explore different ways of earning money on GCash. Investment products can be bought, sold, and managed for as little as $50 from trusted companies.

To determine what type of investor you are, you’ll have to take a risk profile questionnaire when creating a GFunds account.

 Identifying the right investment asset to meet your requirements and expectations will depend on your risk profile.

An overview of GFunds’ professionally managed funds can be found below.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket if you want to maximize your investment performance. Managing potential risks, exploring different asset types, and thereby increasing the chances of generating higher returns will be easier if you do this.

Buy and Sell Local Stocks

You can build wealth and grow your money exponentially if you invest in the stock market. Through the purchase of stocks, a person invests in a public company that generates profits, and as that company makes money, he/she receives dividends.

With GCash’s GStocks PH feature, you can generate such an income stream. As a shareholder, you can invest as little as $500 in the trade wallet in any of the 280 local companies you choose on the app. 

GCash users can register for a GStocks PH account by visiting the GInvest feature in the app. AB Capital Securities is GStocks’ broker partner and allows you to purchase shares from companies of your choice. 

Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose if you don’t understand the risks involved.

Play an online investment game and climb the leaderboards

Playing games on GCash gives you the chance to earn money. There is an easy, productive, and educational way to learn about investing, and that’s the GStock Game Fantasy Challenge. It mirrors the U.S. investment market in real-time, and it gives each player 10,000 dollars worth of demo money to invest.

You want to have the most valuable investment account or the highest net asset value (NAV) each month at the close of the market. It is likely that you will take home substantial prize money if you are able to finish first on the leaderboard. 

In addition to the $10,000, $7,500, and $5,000 awards, there are also prizes for the top three winners. Winners of the 15th place will receive cash prizes.

Every month, you can earn cash incentives through this game, while learning how to trade stocks.

Play in a game tournament

You can join tournaments on GCash to win cash prizes when you play play-to-earn games. With Goama, GCash users can enjoy mobile gaming while earning rewards while enjoying mobile games from a top mobile game developer.

The top 100 performers can win up to $100 in the hyper-casual GCash games. Get a chance to win prizes and cash incentives by joining free or paid tournaments every week or month.

There is also a Heroes Tournament currently running at Goama Games, with a chance to win a cash prize of up to $1000. In October 2023, the tournament will conclude. 

By competing in as many tournaments as possible, you can gain at least 10,000 tickets. Earning more tickets increases your chances of winning big prizes as you move up the leaderboard.

Among the many game categories available are Action games, Adventure games, Arcade games, Puzzle games, Sports games, and Strategy games. There are different levels of payment corresponding to different ticket prizes for each game.

  • Take a chance to win 45,000 tickets by paying ₱5
  • Take part in a drawing for 84,000 tickets by paying ₱10
  • If you pay ₱25, you can win 104,500 tickets
  • You can win 285,000 tickets if you pay ₱50
  • You can win 455,000 tickets by paying ₱100

In addition to seasonal games, MGames also features games in game categories such as puzzles, strategy, arcades, and shooters. Tokens, energy, and tickets are earned by completing daily quests, which can increase your cash prize chances.

Make Job Referrals

The possibilities for earning money on GCash are numerous by now.

 There are some of them, however, that you have to pay for first. Go to the GJobs feature on GCash and start referring people to the jobs available. This is a quick way to earn money on GCash for free.

Through your referral link, the friend you refer can refer others. There is no limit to the number of referrals a person can make up to the third degree, and the referral fee then will be divided between the three parties involved. Referral fee cuts are outlined in the table below.

How to Earn Money Using GCash

Collect Cashback Vouchers

Money can be made and saved using GCash. Our partnership with Alipay+ allows you to choose from a variety of vouchers.

Cryptocurrency trading

In the GCash app, you can also earn money through GCrypto, another very savvy app feature. As well as buying and selling cryptocurrencies in real time, GCash grants access to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are curated by the company.

As an exchange licensed and regulated by the Philippine Securities Board, GCrypto is a safe and secure platform.

The GCash app can be used to register for GCrypto and begin trading. As part of the application process, you will be asked for information such as your user profile, investment experience, and financial goals. You can now start your crypto journey as soon as you finish this. 

Your crypto investment can perform better if you are a responsible trader and do your due diligence.

How Much Can You Earn on GCash?

You can now gauge how much money you can earn using GCash now that you understand the different earning opportunities.

Each time you take home money, there are no limits. GCash features or services can boost your earning potential, but how you use your resources makes a difference. 

Dividends earned through an investment portfolio are very different from interest earned in a savings account. The experience of collecting referral fees from personal contacts is completely different from that of collecting referral fees from jobs.

You can earn GCash even when you play GCash games; it sometimes depends on your skill, and sometimes on your luck. Take advantage of every opportunity GCash offers to earn some extra money. Don’t limit your earnings.

Philippines GCash Earning Tips

Tips for earning money on GCash are provided below.

  • Make sure you’re a part of all GCash news – Be the first to know about new features and updates by checking the GCash app and following GCash across all social media platforms. The Earn Money feature on the mobile app allows you to see which features are currently in development, including Gigs and Quick Rewards.
  • Do not limit yourself to just one income stream. Consider all alternatives. There are many ways to earn money and you should explore them all to maximize your earning potential and increase your chances of making money.
  • Take the time to learn more about GCash features before making any commitments – No matter which GCash feature you use to earn money, make sure you do your own due diligence. Consider reviewing all potential companies’ sales and profitability performance if you decide to invest with GStocks. Consider other strategies to diversify your portfolio, such as reinvesting dividends and diversifying your investments.
How to Earn Money Using GCash

What is GCash and how can I use it to earn money?

GCash is a mobile wallet app in the Philippines that allows you to pay bills, send money, shop, and more. You can earn money through its referral program, by selling products or services and accepting GCash as payment, or by participating in cashback and reward promotions.

Can I earn money by referring friends to GCash?

Yes, GCash has a referral program that rewards you with a bonus for every person who registers using your referral code and completes a transaction.

Is it possible to invest money with GCash?

Absolutely! GCash offers GInvest, a feature that allows users to invest in various funds. Your earnings are dependent on the performance of the funds you choose to invest in.

How do I set up my business to accept payments through GCash?

To accept GCash payments for your business, you’ll need to apply for a GCash QR code. Once you’re verified, you can display the QR code for customers to scan and pay.

Are there any promotions that allow me to earn cashback or bonuses with GCash?

GCash frequently runs promotions that offer cashback, discounts, or bonuses. Keep an eye on the app’s announcements or sign up for notifications to take advantage of these offers.

How can I earn through GCash’s ‘Save Money’ feature?

The ‘Save Money’ feature allows you to earn interest on your savings. It’s like a digital savings account within the app, offering higher interest rates than traditional banks.

Can I use GCash to earn from online games and apps?

Yes, some online games and apps reward users with real money or credits that can be cashed out through GCash.

What are the risks involved in using GCash to earn money?

As with any financial tool, there are risks, such as investment risks with GInvest, or business risks when selling products or services. It’s important to understand each feature and assess risks accordingly.

How can I ensure the safety of my transactions on GCash?

Protect your account by never sharing your MPIN or OTP with anyone, and make sure to only transact with verified GCash users to avoid scams.

Where can I get help if I have questions about earning with GCash?

GCash has a Help Center within the app, and you can also reach out to their customer support through the app or their official social media channels.


Overall, GCash offers a flexible and convenient platform with convenience and security for anyone looking to earn and save money. There are a variety of features offered by GCash that cater to the needs of students, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. As a one-stop financial tool, GInvest allows users to invest in various funds as well as save without using a bank account through its ‘GSave’ feature.

The GLife feature allows users to sell products and services or utilize GCredit for short-term loans to capitalize on business opportunities. Users can also earn through referral programs, sell products and services, and even earn through GCredit for short-term loans. GCash is changing the way Filipinos earn and manage their money by providing robust security measures and partnering with major banks and retailers. GCash can help you maximize your financial potential as the digital age continues.

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