How can I contact Meralco’s hotline and customer service?

How can I contact Meralco's hotline and customer service?

As a reliable partner for millions of Manila Electric Company customers regarding electricity-related issues, Meralco stands out as a reliable electricity distributor. You can contact Meralco’s customer service department if you have billing questions, power outages, or need help setting up new connections.

This guide will explain How can I contact Meralco’s hotline and customer service. ensuring a seamless, efficient process when seeking support for your electricity needs.

Here are the different guidelines How can I contact Meralco’s hotline and customer service?

Customer service can be contacted via the following methods.

For any inquiries or complaints related to Meralco, you can call their hotline number 16211. The hotline is available 24/7, so you can reach them at any time. If you are using a Smart or Globe mobile number, dial (02) 16211, but remember that airtime call charges may apply.

When you call the Meralco hotline, you’ll be asked to press a number that matches your specific concern:

  • If you find that your service is down, press 1.
  • In case of billing or payment concerns, press 2.
  • For more information about Meralco products, services, and programs, press 3.
  • If you have any other concerns, press 4.

Please provide your name, contact number, and Meralco Customer Account Number (CAN), which can be found at the top of your bill.

If you have a question or concern specific to Meralco business clients, please contact 16210.

Text the Meralco Mobile Numbers

If you’re unable to make a call, you have the option to text your inquiries and concerns to Meralco instead. Here are the mobile numbers where you can send a text message:

  • 09209716211 (Smart)
  • 09257716211 (Sun)
  • 09175516211 (Globe)

Please keep in mind that these mobile numbers can only be used to send SMSes or texts, not to make phone calls. Therefore, do not call these numbers for assistance. For urgent concerns or inquiries, the Meralco hotline at 16211 or (02) 16211 is the best place to call. For urgent concerns or inquiries, the Meralco hotline at 16211 or (02) 16211 is the best place to call.

How can I contact Meralco's hotline and customer service

Chat with Meralco on Facebook

Meralco’s customer service team is available on Facebook.

The best way to start the chat is to visit the official Meralco Facebook page and click the “Send Message” button. To start a conversation, find “Meralco” in Messenger and open it.

If you choose the “Chat with an Agent” option, you can talk to a live customer support agent instead of a chatbot. Make sure to have the following information on hand so that the agent can easily access it:

  1. It is your 10-digit Customer Account Number (CAN) that Meralco uses to identify your account and provide you with personalized service.
  2. Please provide the name under which the Meralco account is registered.
  3. In addition to locating your service area, sharing your nearest landmark helps you address concerns specific to your location as well.
  4. You may be contacted by Meralco regarding your inquiry and may need to provide your contact information.
  5. Please include the contact person’s details if your Meralco account is under another name or if you are contacting the company on behalf of someone else.

Email Meralco Customer Service

Customers can email Meralco’s official customer support address with their complete name, contact number, 10-digit customer account number, and specific issue, and receive personalized responses from their support team. The method facilitates clear documentation of interactions and prompt resolution of service-related issues.

Follow Meralco on Twitter

By contacting Meralco on Twitter, you can voice your concerns and obtain answers to your questions. If you would like to send a message, you can follow the company’s official Twitter account @meralco or send a direct message (DM). You can also send a direct message using your 10-digit Customer Account Number (CAN), full name, and contact number to help the customer service team resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Physically visit the Meralco Business Center

When you need direct and personalized assistance, Meralco Business Center is a reliable resource. If you have questions regarding your billing statement or want to discuss specific service application charges.

Meralco’s dedicated appointment website allows you to book an appointment online based on your specific concern before planning your visit. A prearranged appointment helps to ensure the smooth and efficient running of your transaction, allowing Meralco’s team to provide you with the guidance you need quickly and efficiently.

Reasons customers like you called recently

  • An unauthorized person opened the meter base.
  • I would like to request a refund since we paid our September bill twice.
  • For our September billing, we doubled our payments and would like a refund.
  • The Aguinaldo Recruitment Agency has a very good reputation in Gen Luna Street.
  • In our neighborhood, there’s a spark.
  • At LRTA Subdivision Barangay Santiago General, it has been brown out since yesterday afternoon.
  • My monthly bill needs to be viewed and I want to register.
  • There were wires lying around in the backyard of the house name, so I put them in a basket.
  • I would like to get rid of the mother account issue. this is my mother’s account…please fix it.
  • My issue with the electricity in the mother’s room has been reported already, but until now, there has been no response.
  • In my opinion, it would be more beneficial if we could implement kuryente load balance, but we do not have any resources on dalawang araw.
  • Could you please let me know if you are able to pay instead of using PayPal?

The best toll-free/800 number for Meralco customers

You are here to find Meralco’s phone number, to see how long it takes to reach a Meralco agent in real time, and to skip right through the phone lines. We know how to contact Meralco anyway and help you with your issue despite the fact that they don’t have a phone number.

There are no phone numbers for Meralco that we have been able to confirm over the last 18 months thanks to 828 customers like you. Meralco customer service issues are among the most common reasons people contact them.

We may be able to recommend an optimal way to contact Meralco via the web-based on the description of your issue rather than attempting to contact them directly. There are currently no phone numbers available for Meralco.

We compiled this information based on suggestions from Meralco’s customers since it isn’t always clear how to contact the company’s representatives. To continue improving this free resource, please continue to share your experiences.

Contacting Meralco – by phone or otherwise

It is not possible to reach Meralco’s support team via a toll-free number, but they have other ways of contacting them. GetHuman will try to figure out the best way to contact their customer support team or find help for that specific issue if we hear about it from you.

 Besides calling, customers who need assistance also prefer to contact Customer Service at You can share any other methods you know of contacting Meralco with other customers if you believe this information is inaccurate. Meralco’s contact information can also be compared here if you’d like to see everything.

A phone number would make it easier for GetHuman to help Meralco

Over 50 million customers use GetHuman’s tools and information every year to make customer service easier. Although we don’t know Meralco’s phone number, we provide real-time wait on hold, tools for skipping hold music entirely, and reminders when call centers open.

For larger companies with a phone number, we provide real-time wait-on-hold information. We have a page dedicated to Playstation Phone Numbers, for instance. For phone numbers, please visit this page. Through your feedback and some of the tips we sourced from Meralco customers like you, we are able to provide secrets and the best tools.

The relationship between GetHuman and Meralco is as follows

Both companies have no connection to each other. Customers of companies like Meralco can use GetHuman’s free tools and share information. You can skip the part where you live on the line listening to the call technology music when you call large companies with GetHuman Phone. Our goal is to try to simplify phone navigation, hold times, and messy menus for you (and us! ).

 In larger companies, there is confusion regarding customer service. In the meantime, we’ll keep making it available to you and your loved ones as long as you keep sharing it with them.


Can I call the Meralco hotline using my cellphone?

Contact our customer care department at Or call 16211 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Galaxy number is 917-55-16211, Smart number is 0920-97-16211. The Sun number is 0925-77-16211.

How do I report a problem with Meralco?

Hotline ‌: 16211.
Website ‌:

Can I pay the overdue Meralco bill in 7 11?

CLiQQ kiosks are available at 7-Eleven stores nationwide. On the screen, choose Pay Bills and choose your biller. The Reference Number, the Contact Number, and the Amount to be paid should be entered.

Where to pay the overdue Meralco bill with the disconnection notice?

Bayad Center offers online, mobile, and branch payment options for Meralco bills. Online or in-branch payment options are available. Overdue bill payments are accepted.


Contacting Meralco’s customer service and hotline through these methods ensures that your electricity-related issues are promptly addressed and resolved. The customer service team at Meralco is dedicated to providing excellent support to its valued customers, whether they are experiencing a power outage, billing concerns, or general inquiries.

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