How to Generate GCash QR Code to Receive Money in 2024

Generate GCash QR Code

Are you interested in receiving money in GCash without providing your GCash number? GCash QR codes make this entirely possible. It is possible for other GCash users to send you money without entering your mobile number when they use your QR code. The money will be transferred to your GCash account as soon as they scan or upload your QR code.

A QR code is a square-shaped, black-and-white barcode that stores information like links to websites or product details. Barcode readers or smartphone cameras can read QR codes.

Generate GCash QR Code

With QR codes, information can be presented quickly and easily without having to manually enter it. Using a smartphone or QR scanner, you simply scan the QR code and the barcode data is retrieved and processed immediately. In the case of QR codes with URLs or links to websites, the website’s URL will be displayed and you can visit it.

Customers can use QR codes to pay at stores and merchants that are GCash partners. The GCash QR code doesn’t require you to own a business or store. On the GCash app itself, users can generate their own unique QR codes, which can then be shared with anyone interested in sending them money.

When you have a QR code for your GCash account, users can send you money quickly, easily, and conveniently. Your payment details will be automatically inputted when the sender scans your QR code using the GCash app. It’s easier to send money to the right recipient without typing in your GCash number.

What happens if the sender cannot scan the QR code? You don’t have to worry since you can download the QR code from GCash, which can then be shared with the sender via Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, or other social media platforms. The sender then has to upload the QR code before beginning the fund transfer process on the GCash app.

The GCash Business program is ideal for business owners looking to offer GCash QR codes for customer payments. It provides various features such as an online payment portal, website payment links, an enterprise wallet linked to your bank account, increased transaction limits, daily reports, and a connected enterprise wallet for added convenience. The “GCash Accepted” tag and a QR standee will also be provided to partner merchants.

In case you don’t have a registered business yet, or if you just want to receive payments via QR code, you can use the QR code generated on the GCash app. The aim of this article is to help you create your own QR code in GCash so that other users can send you money.

How to Generate GCash QR Code on the App

QR codes are so simple to make and don’t require a lot of special skills. QR money can only be received by GCash users who have fully verified their account. GCash account verification is explained in this article.

Generate GCash QR Code

You can receive money from other users by creating a QR code in GCash:

  1. Log in with your MPIN in the GCash app.
  2. You will see an icon that says “Pay QR“.
  3. choose “Generate QR/Barcode.”
  4. Select “Receive Money via QR Code.”
  5. Congratulations! Your QR code has been generated.
  6. The QR code can be downloaded as an image file or shared via Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other apps using “Download” and “Share“.
Generate GCash QR Code

QR codes can also be customized with nicknames and amounts. By tapping the “Add Amount” button, you can enter your nickname and the amount in pesos (both are optional). Simply click the “Save” button.

Senders can automatically insert the payment amount when using this QR code. Payments can, however, be edited by the sender before they are finalized.

Generate GCash QR Code

Only the GCash app can scan your generated QR code. You can scan or upload the QR code on the GCash app before sending money using a QR code.

Whenever you send or receive money via QR code, take note of your transaction limits. The maximum transaction limit per month for fully verified members is  ₱100,000 while for linked bank accounts users it is  ₱500,000.


Is it possible to share my QR code with GCash?

YES! In addition to GCash users, non-GCash users can also scan your QR code as long as the application used to scan it is QRPH-compliant. To make it easy for your customers to pay, you can post it on your selling channel or send it directly to them. QR codes don’t have a maximum or limit on the amount you can receive.

Is it possible to send money via Gcash QR codes?

YES! The Gcash QR code can be used to send money to other Gcash users. Select the recipient from your contacts list in the “Send Money” section of the Gcash app. The recipient’s phone can be used to scan the QR code you’re shown. Confirm the transaction after entering the amount you wish to send.

Are Gcash QR codes accepted outside the Philippines?

NO! It is not possible to use Gcash QR codes outside of the Philippines for payments or transactions. You will need to use another payment method outside the Philippines, such as a credit card or international wire transfer, if you wish to make payments or transactions outside the country.

How can users customize their GCash QR codes?

Yes, users can customize their GCash QR codes by adding nicknames and amounts. The step-by-step guide in the article explains that, by tapping the “Add Amount” button, users have the option to enter a nickname and amount in pesos, providing a personalized touch to the QR code.

What additional benefits does the GCash Business program offer to enrolled businesses?

The GCash Business program provides various features for enrolled businesses, including an online payment portal, website payment links, increased transaction limits, daily reports, and a connected enterprise wallet. Partner merchants also receive a “GCash Accepted” tag and a QR standee for enhanced branding.


In the dynamic landscape of digital transactions, GCash QR codes provide a convenient and efficient solution for receiving money. Users can easily generate personalized QR codes through the GCash app, eliminating the need to share mobile numbers. The step-by-step guide ensures accessibility for users of all technical backgrounds, allowing them to customize codes with nicknames and amounts. The flexibility to download and share QR codes on popular social media platforms enhances the user experience, providing an alternative for those who may face challenges with scanning.

For businesses, the GCash Business program offers a comprehensive suite of features, including an online payment portal, website payment links, and increased transaction limits. Enrolled businesses benefit from daily reports, a connected enterprise wallet, and prominent branding with the “GCash Accepted” tag. This program reflects GCash’s commitment to catering to the evolving needs of businesses, providing a seamless and secure payment ecosystem. As we navigate the digital finance era, the GCash QR code feature stands out as a user-centric tool, contributing to a more convenient and streamlined financial experience in 2024.