How To Pay Spaylater Using GCash In 2024?

How To Pay Spaylater Using GCash

Empower Your Financial Freedom: Dive into our 2024 guide on how to pay Spaylater using GCash. Seamlessly manage payments and unlock control over your finances. Step into the future of hassle-free transactions today!

With Spaylater, you can purchase products and services on an installment plan. We’re pleased to inform you that GCash is now available to Spaylater customers who want to make their monthly payments conveniently. A variety of payment options are available through GCash, a popular mobile wallet in the Philippines. Our goal in this article is to help you manage your finances and stay on top of your payments by showing you how to pay Spaylater using GCash.

How To Pay Spaylater Using GCash

How To Pay Spaylater Using GCash: Steps to follow

GCash can also be used to pay Spaylater. Below are the steps involved in making a payment through GCash:

1: To get started, tap on the icon in the Shopee app on the Spaylater page.

How To Pay Spaylater Using GCash

2: Choose the pay now option in the payment mode.

How To Pay Spaylater Using GCash

3: Review the current bill and click Pay Now.

How To Pay Spaylater Using GCash

4: Payment for bills can be made by tapping the Pay now button. If a payment method is required, select it.

How To Pay Spaylater Using GCash

5: Select a payment method and click the confirm button.

How To Pay Spaylater Using GCash

6: Click the Pay icon in your account after entering the total amount.

How To Pay Spaylater Using GCash

Upon successful completion of the transaction, you will receive an email notification.


Seize Financial Control Today: You’ve now mastered the art of paying Spaylater using GCash in 2023. Embrace seamless transactions and take charge of your financial journey with confidence. Step boldly into a future of empowered payments and unlock new levels of convenience. Elevate your financial prowess now!


How much loan can I get from Spaylater?

Shopee typically offers a Php50,000 loan for Pay later. If you pay on time, it will also increase.

Is there a way to increase Spaylater Limit?

Also, Shopee increases the Spaylater limit based on the user’s credit and loan history. Always pay on time to get the maximum limit.

Does Shopee offers Spaylater deals?

Spaylater can divide the payment into instalments. With Spaylater payment mode, you can also get free shipping vouchers.

Can I deactivate Spaylater?

It’s not possible. You cannot remove the feature once it has been activated. Therefore, it is best not to use it for Shopee payments.

Can you convert SPayLater to cash?

Access SPayLater by going to the Me tab > SPayLater. SPayLater is only available to select Shopee users. SPayLater credit cannot be withdrawn. For withdrawable loan, learn more about SLoan.

Can 20 years old use SPayLater?

You can pay by SPayLater on Shopee if you: Are 21 – 65 years old.

How can I increase my eligibility for SPayLater?

Here are the to-dos to increase your chances of being eligible for SPayLater:
1. Buy more on Shopee.
2. Settle your orders with digital payment methods (i.e. ShopeePay, bank transfer)
3. Pay your bills and buy digital products on Shopee more often.

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