What Is A “WUVISAAFT” Charge?



If you looked at your bank statement and saw a charge called “WUVISAAFT,” you might wonder what it is and where it came from. Feeling confused or worried about a charge you don’t recognize is normal. But don’t worry! We’re here to help you understand what the WUVISAAFT charge is all about. Let’s explore!

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“WUVISAAFT” is made up of three parts:

  • WU: Western Union
  • VISA: Visa Credit Account
  • AFT: Account Funding Transaction

Western Union (WU)

  • Western Union is a well-known company offering money transfer services worldwide.
  • It helps people send money locally, nationally, or internationally.

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  • VISA refers to using a Visa credit or debit card in the transaction.
  • It doesn’t necessarily mean Western Union issues the card. It could be any Visa card.


  • AFT stands for Account Funding Transaction.
  • It indicates the movement of money from one account to another.

Why “WUVISAAFT” Appears on Your Bank Statement:

  1. The charge usually appears after you’ve made a money transfer using Western Union and your Visa card.
  2. Common situations include:

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  • Paying bills, like utilities or restaurant bills.
  • Repaying debts to friends or family.
  • Sending money to loved ones abroad using Western Union’s services.

What’s the Connection Between Them All?

Your Visa or debit card is essential in the transaction process. When you send money through Western Union, the funds come from the account linked to your card. Knowing that the card doesn’t have to be from Western Union is essential. Any Visa credit or debit card you have can be used. The card acts as a way to move money from your account to the recipient’s. “VISA” in ‘WUVISAAFT’ shows that a Visa card was used. “AFT” means Account Funding Transaction, showing it’s a money transfer.

Western Union’s Visa AFT Service

  • Western Union’s Visa AFT service works through the Visa Direct network.
  • This network lets people securely send money in real time between accounts.
  • Western Union uses this network for its Account Funding Transactions.

Why does Western Union charge this fee?

The company explains that paying fees for handling transactions and keeping its global network running smoothly is essential. With a vast network of agents and partners worldwide, this fee helps ensure they can maintain their services effectively and securely.

Now that we’ve clarified the “WUVISAAFT” charge and why it appears on our bank statements, let’s address some typical questions and worries customers might have.

Is the WUVISAAFT charge the same for all transactions?

The cost of the WUVISAAFT charge can differ based on the transaction amount and the destination country. Western Union’s website mentions that the fee can be anywhere between $0.50 to $10, but usually, it’s around 1% of the total amount you’re sending.


Can I avoid the WUVISAAFT charge?

Regrettably, there’s no way to escape this fee when you use Western Union with your Visa card. However, you can use other payment methods, like a bank transfer or cash, to dodge this charge.

Is the WUVISAAFT charge refundable?

Usually, the WUVISAAFT charge cannot be refunded. But if there’s a mistake with your transaction or you were charged more than once for it, you can contact Western Union’s customer service for help.

Is Western Union the only money transfer service that charges this fee?

Other money transfer services impose a similar fee for using a Visa card. It’s wise to review the terms and conditions of any money transfer service before sending money to know about any possible fees.

What should I do if I don’t recognize the WUVISAAFT charge on my bank statement?

If you need help remembering to make a transaction via Western Union or don’t recognize the charge, contact your bank and Western Union’s customer service for assistance. The charge could be an error or fraudulent, so dealing with it quickly is crucial.



The WUVISAAFT charge on your bank statement is a valid fee for using Western Union with your Visa card. It’s essential to cover the expenses of processing transactions and managing their worldwide network. Although it might catch some customers off guard, it’s mentioned in Western Union’s terms and conditions. If you have more questions or worries about this charge, contact Western Union’s customer service for help.

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