How to Register TNT SIM Card | The Ultimate Guide

How to Register TNT SIM Card

A seamless mobile experience is only possible with a registered TNT SIM card in a world driven by connectivity. It will provide you with valuable insight into troubleshooting common issues as well as highlight the importance of the process.

How to Register TNT SIM Card

Benefits of Registering a TNT SIM Card

A registered TNT SIM card comes with many benefits, the first being the security of your connection. Furthermore, it offers exclusive promotions and offers, as well as enhanced security. The SIM card you have registered ensures you have access to the best customer support when you need it.

Existing users can register their SIM cards

  • You can register for Smart Prepaid, Smart Bro, and TNT services at From December 27, 2022, registration will be FREE
  • Subscriptions to Smart Postpaid will be notified and confirmed by the company. It will suffice to have the customer information and documentation they submitted when they subscribed to Smart service/s.
  • By contacting their authorized signatories, Enterprise Customers will receive notice of the registration process and be asked to confirm their existing information with Smart.

How to Register TNT SIM card: Steps to follow

TNT Sims can be registered in two ways.

  1. By visiting the website
  2. By using the Gigalife app

The registration process for TNT Sims via the website is as follows:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Provide your TNT mobile number

Step 3: Review Smart Company’s terms and conditions and privacy notice and agree to them

Step 4: Receive the OTP via text message.

How to Register TNT SIM Card

Step 5: Enter the OTP you received and click Verify OTP

How to Register TNT SIM Card

Step 6: You will receive a message that your mobile number has been successfully verified.

How to Register TNT SIM Card

Step 7: Complete the form and enter all the necessary information including your type of registration, nationality, identification card, first and last names, a photo of yourself, as well as a valid identification card.

How to Register TNT SIM Card

Step 8: Check the box that says “I hereby attest that I personally accomplished the registration, and that the information and identification documents I provided are true, accurate, and correct, all in compliance with RA 11934.

How to Register TNT SIM Card

As soon as you register your sim, you will receive a message stating that it has been successfully registered. The control number serves as your certificate of registration, so keep it safe.

How to Register TNT SIM Card

You can register your TNT SIM via the GigaLife app by following these steps:

Step 1: Launch the Gigalife app and click “Register your Sim Now”.

How to Register TNT SIM Card

Step 2: Click on Register after entering your TNT SIM number. Be sure to click the “I agree” button

How to Register TNT SIM Card

Step 3: Enter your OTP and click on Proceed

How to Register TNT SIM Card

Step 4: Complete the form and enter all the required information

  • Type of Registration
  • Nationality
  • ID card number
  • First Name
  • Late Name
  • Your photo
  • A Valid Government ID card picture
  • Your address
How to Register TNT SIM Card

Step 5: Verify all the information and confirm that all the information is true and accurate.

Step 6: You will receive a message that your SIM has been registered. Take a screenshot of your control number as well

Deadline for SIM card Registration

July 25, 2023


Why is it necessary to register my SIM?

SIM Registration Law is designed to safeguard users against various forms of electronic crime, such as theft of SIM cards, and fraud through the use of the internet or the use of electronic communication. 
Online crimes include terrorism, text scams, receiving unwanted or inappropriate messages, bank fraud, false accusations against others, spreading hate speech, and sharing false or misleading information. By registering your SIM card, authorities can identify users and prevent such crimes.

How many SIM cards can I register?

SIM cards can be registered in an unlimited number.

What do I need to give to register a SIM?

In order to register your SIM, you must provide the following information:
Your mobile number along with the serial number (which SMART will give you).
Your full name.
Your birth date.
Your current address.
Your gender.
A valid ID issued by the government (you can check the list of valid IDs).
A selfie photo.
Once all these requirements have been met, you must agree to and sign SMART’s consent form.

When can I start registering my SIM?

From December 27, 2022, all current subscribers must register their SIMs with their Telco Provider. You have 180 days from the law’s start date to register your SIM if you are already a subscriber. Your SIM will be automatically deactivated if you do not register within that time frame.
As required by law, you must register newly purchased SIM cards before your Telco provider can activate them.

Do I need to pay a fee for SIM registration?

SIM registration does not require a fee or processing fee. In most cases, telecom companies provide this service free of charge to ensure compliance with regulations and to maintain network security.

Can minors (below 18 years old) register a SIM?

It is not possible for minors to register their own SIM cards. Rather than registering the SIM themselves, their parents or guardians must do so.

Now that I’m 18 years old, can I register a SIM in my own name?

You can transfer ownership of the SIM to your name by visiting any SMART Store.

Do tourists and foreign nationals need to register their SIM cards?

It is necessary to register SIM cards for tourists and foreign nationals as well.

As a tourist or foreign national, how can I register my SIM card?

Foreign nationals and tourists can register their SIM cards at

What details does a tourist or foreign national need to provide for registering a SIM card?

To register their SIM through, foreign nationals must provide the following information:
1. Mobile Number with Serial Number (Serial number given by SMART)
2. Full Name
3. Nationality
4. Date of Birth
5. Selfie Photo
In the case of foreign nationals visiting as tourists:
1. Passport
2. Proof of Address in the Philippines
3. Return Ticket to the home country or another ticket showing the date and time of leaving the Philippines
If you have another type of VISA, please follow these steps:
1. Passport
2. Proof of Address in the Philippines
3. Alien Employment Permit issued by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)
4. Alien Certificate of Registration Identification Card or ARCI-Card issued by the Bureau of Immigration (BI)
5. School Registration and ID for students
6. Other relevant documents, if applicable
In the case of persons of concern, the type of travel or admission document presented

Note: Foreign National Tourist SIMs are valid for only 30 days and will be deactivated automatically after that period. A Foreign National Tourist’s SIM card’s validity can be extended if his or her visa is extended.

Which types of IDs can I use during the Registration process?

SIM registration can be verified using various types of IDs or similar documents with a photo. Here are a few examples:
* Passport
* Philippine Identification (Philippine ID)
* Social Security System ID (SSS ID)
* Government Service Insurance System E-Card (GSIS E-Card)
* Driver’s License
* National Bureau of Investigation Clearance (NBI Clearance)
* Police Clearance
* Firearms’ License to Own and Possess ID
* Professional Regulation Commission ID (PRC ID)
* Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID (IBP ID)
* Overseas Workers Welfare Administration ID (OWWA ID)
* Bureau of Internal Revenue ID (BIR ID)
* Voter’s ID
* Senior Citizen’s Card
* Unified Multi-purpose Identification Card (UMID)
* Person with Disabilities Card (PWD ID)
* Other valid government-issued IDs with a photo

How does SIM registration work?

In compliance with Republic Act No. 11934, all SIM card holders must register their SIM cards with their current telecommunications companies.

SIM Card Registration for Minors?

SIM registrations for minors should be done under their parents or guardians’ names.


You can ensure a secure and enhanced mobile experience with TNT SIM card registration, which is a simple and crucial step. Make sure you follow the steps outlined in this guide to take advantage of the advantages of registering. Don’t miss out on your connected life!

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