How to Pay Your Home Credit via GCash in 2024?

How to Pay Your Home Credit via GCash in 2024?

It’s close to payment deadline for your Home Credit installment, but you have no idea where to send it. Make your Home Credit bill payment with GCash to save yourself time and hassle. Paying your Home Credit dues is as easy as tapping your smartphone.

How can I pay my Home Credit loan without leaving my house? If you’re a Home Credit customer like me, you might be wondering how to do so. During the summer, it can be quite inconvenient to go to a Bayad Center outlet to pay your loan installments.

Paying your bills has become much easier thanks to technology. Home Credit loans can be paid in the comfort of your home with a GCash account. You won’t have to wait in line and you won’t have to deal with traffic!

Let’s go over how to pay your Home Credit loan installments via GCash without delay.

How to Pay Your Home Credit via GCash in 2024?

How to Pay your Home Credit via GCash

Follow my step-by-step guide to open a GCash account if you don’t already have one. Getting started is free and easy!

Step 1: Go to your GCash wallet and open it

Your first step should be to open your GCash app on your smartphone. It is important that you have sufficient funds to make the payment.

To learn how to add money to GCash, read this article.

Step 2: From the home page, tap “Bills”

Go to the GCash home screen and tap the “Bills” icon.

From the home page, tap "Bills

Step 3: Click on “Loans”

Under biller categories, choose “Loans.”

Click on "Loans"

Step 4: Click on “Home Credit”

Select “Home Credit” from the list of billers.

Click on "Home Credit"

If you type “Home Credit” in the “Search billers” box, you can find it quickly.

Step 5: Fill out the payment information

Entering your payment information is the most important step.

Don’t forget to input the correct information, or you will have to contact Home Credit for assistance. In the past, I made the mistake of giving Home Credit the wrong contract number, and had to call them to correct it.

The first thing you need to do is enter the amount you want to pay to Home Credit. To avoid unwanted penalties, make sure you pay the entire monthly installment. There is an additional fee of ₱15 to take into consideration.

You will need to provide the following information for payment:

  • Your 10-digit Home Credit contract number or loan account number should be entered here. There should be no spaces, hyphens, or dashes (-).
  • Please indicate the cellphone number where you would like to receive payment notifications.
  • If you would like a receipt sent to your email address, please provide it here.
Fill out the payment information

To continue, click “NEXT”.

Step 6: Confirm the payment of your bills

Ensure that you have reviewed your Home Credit payment. If you are entering a contract number or loan account number, make sure you have entered the correct one.

Confirm the payment of your bills

You can confirm your payment by pressing “CONFIRM.”

Step 7: Successful payment

It should take no longer than 24 hours for your payment to be processed and posted.

If you have received a payment confirmation, please take a screenshot or download a copy of the receipt. In the event that there is an issue with your transaction, you might need this information.

Successful payment

Home Credit will send you a payment confirmation email as soon as your payment has been posted.

Adding Home Credit to your favorite billers list will make the next transaction easier. You can add a biller by tapping “Bills” and choosing “Add a favorite biller.” Enter your contract number and other required information, then tap “Add a biller.”

A recurring payment can also be set up so that GCash automatically pays your bills. The GCash home screen allows you to schedule a bill payment by tapping “Bills,” selecting “Scheduled Bill Payments,” and selecting “Home Credit.” Type in the payment amount, the contract number, and the mobile number.

Which contract number is it?

Your Home Credit loan account number (or contract number) consists of ten digits.
In the event that you have taken out multiple Home Credit loans, you may have more than one contract number.

How do I locate my Home Credit contract number?

Home Credit will send you a welcome email with your 10-digit contract number.
Your contract/agreement number can also be viewed by logging into the Home Credit website or mobile app.

If my Home Credit payment has been posted, how will I know?

Your loan payment will be confirmed by email from Home Credit.
By logging into your Home Credit account on their website or mobile app, you can also see if your payment has been posted.

If my Home Credit payment has not been posted, what should I do?

Please open a GCash support ticket or email [email protected] if your payment has not been posted after 24 hours.
In addition to the GCash hotline 2882, you can also call (02) 7730-2882.

If I enter the wrong contract number, what happens?

Home Credit’s customer service hotline (02) 7753-5711 should be contacted immediately if you entered the wrong or incorrect contract number.

Is it possible to pay my friend’s Home Credit loan via GCash?

YES! Your GCash account can be used to pay your friend’s or someone else’s Home Credit installment. The only thing you need is your friend’s Home Credit contract number or account number.

My GCash account has not been verified.
Is it still possible to pay my bills?

YES! If you have not yet verified your GCash account, you can still pay your Home Credit bill. It is not possible to send money or perform cash in transactions online.
Learn how to verify your GCash account in this article.


My loans had to be paid by visiting the local Bayad Center outlet long before online bills payments became available through GCash. My procrastination led me to miss due dates and have to pay penalties. By using GCash, you can easily and quickly make your Home Credit repayments today.

Following the steps outlined in this article should have helped you pay off your Home Credit loan. Contact the customer service hotline (02) 7753-5711 or email [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns about your Home Credit loan.

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