How to Convert Sodexo to GCash in 2024?

How to Convert Sodexo to GCash

Sodexo, a well-known rewards brand often utilized by hardworking corporate employees, is a great way to earn recognition for your efforts in the workplace. However, there may come a time when you accumulate a surplus of Sodexo passes or gift cards and wish to convert them into cash. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of converting your Sodexo rewards into GCash, offering an alternative to directly transferring your balance between e-wallets.

Is it possible to convert Sodexo to GCash?

Yes, it is possible to convert your Sodexo credits to GCash, although not through a direct transfer like you might expect with other e-wallets. One method to achieve this conversion involves using the Lazada app, where you can access universal eGift cards and apply voucher codes from Sodexo. To understand this process better, let’s explore the steps involved.

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How to Convert Sodexo to GCash?

How to Convert Sodexo to GCash: Steps to follow

1. Redeeming Lazada voucher on the Sodexo+ app:

On your smartphone, open the Sodexo+ app.

At the bottom of the screen, tap the Shop icon.

Tap on the Shop icon at the bottom of the screen.

You can select the amount you would like to redeem the voucher for and select Lazada from the available options.

Choose Lazada

To complete the purchase, click the Pay button.

 Pay button

You can copy your Lazada voucher by clicking the Copy Code button after it has been generated.

2. The process for getting eGift cards on Lazada is as follows:

On your smartphone, launch the Lazada app.

Giftaway, Inc. can be found by searching for it or visiting its website.


Make sure you choose an eGift that is less than the value of the voucher you redeemed.

Select an eGift with an amount lower than your redeemed voucher

Add the eGift to your cart and add more to maximize your voucher allocation.

Enter your email address and paste the voucher code from Sodexo.

Tap the Place Order button.

Await a message from Giftaway via email.

Open the email and copy the code displayed in the browser window.

3. Redeeming eGift to GCash:

Visit in your web browser.

Input the required details, including the eGift code, email address, and mobile number linked to your GCash account.

Click the Redeem button.

For multiple eGift codes, click on “Redeem another eGift” to process them.

Your redeemed amount will reflect in your GCash account within a few minutes.

How can I convert Sodexo to GCash directly?

No, there isn’t a direct method to convert Sodexo credits into GCash. The steps outlined above, utilizing the Lazada app, are the recommended way to achieve this conversion. Alternatively, you can also consider swapping your Sodexo credits or vouchers with a friend who is interested in acquiring Sodexo vouchers.

Sodexo: what is it?

Sodexo is an international company specializing in personalized rewards and is a prominent player in the service vouchers and cards sector worldwide. Corporate employees often receive Sodexo gift certificates, which can also be obtained through various rewards programs. Sodexo offers a range of options, including Sodexo Premium Pass, Sodexo+, and Gift Pass, for various rewards and incentives.


Is it possible to convert my Sodexo into cash?

Sodexo gift certificates are not directly convertible to cash, but they can be redeemed and eventually exchanged for e-wallet credits. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can convert your Sodexo to GCash and subsequently access your cash balance through various means such as withdrawing with your Mastercard, transferring to your bank account, or utilizing cash-out partners.

My Sodexo gift certificate is paper, can I convert it?

If you possess paper versions of Sodexo passes or gift certificates, you need to convert them into digital credits using the Sodexo+ mobile app. The steps provided in this guide will help you convert your Sodexo credits into cash.

Are Sodexo Mobile Passes transferable?

Sodexo Mobile Pass can be easily shared with others by forwarding them the 10-digit code, which Sodexo may send via SMS, email, or the Mobile Pass app. These Mobile Passes can be converted to credits and further into voucher codes through the Sodexo+ app, except in cases where they are provided under specific loyalty programs or consumer promotions.

Are there any merchants that accept Sodexo?

Sodexo is widely accepted by numerous merchants in the Philippines, including popular establishments like Yellow Cab Pizza, Robinsons Supermarket, Domino’s Pizza, Chowking, and many others. You can find a comprehensive list of participating merchants through the Sodexo Merchant Locator.

If I have concerns, can I contact GiftAway?

For any inquiries or concerns related to your GiftAway transactions, you can reach out to them via email at

If I have concerns, can I contact Sodexo?

Sodexo can be contacted at (02) 8 689-4700 for clients or (02) 8 689-4712 for affiliates. You can also reach them via email at or by creating a support ticket.


Sodexo is a global leader in reward programs, offering a wide range of vouchers and credits that can be used to save money and enjoy products and services from partner merchants. However, if you prefer cash and the flexibility it offers, converting your Sodexo vouchers or credits to GCash through third-party platforms like Lazada and Giftaway Inc. is a convenient option.