Easy Investing in Stocks with GCash Using GStocks PH

Easy Investing in Stocks with GCash Using GStocks PH

The GStocks PH app allows you to invest in the local stock market from within GCash.

The moment has been long overdue. In the beginning, GCash launched a mutual fund company called GInvest. Eventually, they also began offering wealth management products. In the future, GCash will be able to offer its users a wide variety of investment products with GCrypto and GStocks Global. Stock market brokerage accounts are available to everyone, even if they have not yet opened one. The wealth management space has never seen anything like this before, and I’m eager to see what other products will be available in the future.

What are the steps to Easy Investing in Stocks with GCash Using GStocks PH?

Can you tell me what stocks are?

An ownership share in a company is known as a stock. Stocks are ownership shares in a company that you can buy. Normally, you buy these shares on a stock market managed by a local exchange, such as the Philippines’ PSE (Philippine Stock Exchange), and through a number of brokers who are accredited (such as CitisecOnline and AB Capital).

What makes stocks a good investment?

The benefits of investing in stocks are that you can make a lot of money without putting in a lot of effort or time at the beginning. Starting and maintaining some investments requires both time and money. A stock is generally a simple investment that you can profit from if you put money into it.

A stock market investment generally produces higher returns than a time deposit or a government bond. You should consider investing in this market only after a long period of time, because bigger gains also mean bigger risks.

Stock prices typically give a better return on investment if you look at them for an extended period of time (usually decades).

There is no fixed price for stocks, as they fluctuate with what’s happening in the company (or the market in general). Investing is centered around these price differences. The best way to make money is to buy low and sell high.

Investing in stocks can be lucrative, but how does it work?

Stocks are generally appreciated when the value of the stock rises or dividends are earned when the stock value falls. Companies share dividends with their shareholders as a form of revenue. Profits from the company’s operations are usually used to pay dividends.

Do stocks make good investments at certain times of the year?

During recessions, buying is usually a good idea. Selling should be done during a bull market. In the beginning, however, it is very difficult for us as beginners to know when the best time to invest is, so we recommend that we invest over a fixed period of time, via cost averaging – which is when you buy stocks at fixed prices at regular intervals.

Similarly, you should take this into account when selling your shares. A reverse cost averaging method can also be used for this. Those who require money on a regular basis can use this.

Do stock market investments require a lot of effort?

Taking all the information into account at first is difficult. Learning from mistakes can, however, be lessened if you work hard to learn.

It is easy to invest without an Internet connection anywhere in the world. Among these platforms is COLFinancial. A few other options to consider are GStocks PH, First Metro (First Metro) and Phil Stocks.

Start with SmartPinoyInvestor’s beginner’s guide if you need tips on investing. Additionally, this subject is covered in a number of books. Ben Graham was Warren Buffett’s mentor, and his book, The Intelligent Investor, is good. There are still many principles that hold true 70 years after this book was published.

Stocks to buy: which ones are good?

Stocks that serve public needs and remain popular for a long time would make good easy picks. Researching the best stocks for your investment appetite is a crucial aspect of becoming an investor.

You could, for instance, invest in REIT stocks if you want consistent dividends as these supply dividends from their rental income.

Where can I find information about market stocks?

When you are searching for companies to invest in, you can use the PSE Lookup Tool, which is available on several platforms (like COLFinancial and GStocks PH).

Why is it important to consider certain factors when buying or selling stocks?

Due to the limited hours of the local stock market, buying and selling stocks takes time. Stock trading takes place between 9:30 am and 12:00 pm on weekdays and between 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm on weekends. Furthermore, you must wait one banking day for the transaction to be completed when topping up an account wallet.

Stocks cannot be purchased in single units when you buy them. You can only purchase a minimum number of units in lots (groups) of stock. Lot sizes range from 10 to 100 for some stocks, and there are others as well.

How does GStocks PH work?

With Gstocks PH, users can purchase and sell stocks on the local stock exchange directly from GCash. The trading experience was provided by AB Capital Securities inside GCash via this solution.

A risk profile can be obtained by clicking here

To determine your risk appetite, you will need to fill out a questionnaire. You will not be asked again until three years from now if you answer honestly to this questionnaire.

You will be recommended some investments according to your risk appetite based on the results of this questionnaire.

Easy Investing in Stocks with GCash Using GStocks PH

What is the process for registering in GStocks PH?

GStocks PH can be accessed from GInvest by clicking the GStocks PH icon. After entering, click on AB Capital Securities and begin the account creation process. Your registered data is used in creating your account, so most of the work has already been done for you.

Selfie video (with valid ID) and signature photo must be uploaded separately in your application, so that is probably the most hassle.

Upon registration, your account will be activated and processed in at most seven banking days. We will send you an email with instructions on how to access your account.

Easy Investing in Stocks with GCash Using GStocks PH
Easy Investing in Stocks with GCash Using GStocks PH

What is the procedure for topping up my GStocks PH account?

Your AB Capital account must be funded before you can buy any stocks. You will need to wait one business day for funds to be topped up.

Easy Investing in Stocks with GCash Using GStocks PH

Click on the Top Up button on the AB Capital main page. You will be asked to input your payment amount and confirm it.

What is the procedure for withdrawing funds from GStocks PH?

The funds in your account wallet can also be withdrawn. There is a two-day processing time in this case.

You can withdraw funds by clicking the Withdraw button on the main page of AB Capital. Your withdrawal request will be confirmed once you enter your desired amount.

Easy Investing in Stocks with GCash Using GStocks PH

What is the procedure for buying or selling stocks on GStocks Philippines?

You can now go into the trading platform after you have created your account and funded your wallet. You see the list of the top 30 stocks first thing when you open the trading platform. Your orders, portfolio, and other features can be accessed from the bottom of the page.

Easy Investing in Stocks with GCash Using GStocks PH

AB Capital allows you to view and buy and sell stocks through its page and you can click on each one to see its individual chart. You are not a stock trader; you are a stock investor. Stock prices fluctuate throughout the day, so don’t try to over plan it when you buy. When the market is open, stock traders constantly monitor the charts to find opportunities to profit.

Upon clicking Buy, you will be taken to a page where prices and quantities can be entered. You should purchase it at a price that is closest to the quotation you received, as the sale will close instantly if you do.

The Orders page will show you the status of your order once it has been placed. Eventually, you will receive an alert letting you know the process is complete via the alerts page.

Easy Investing in Stocks with GCash Using GStocks PH

Similar principles apply to selling. Your account balance will be immediately credited with any proceeds.

Easy Investing in Stocks with GCash Using GStocks PH


How do I cancel a trade on the trading platform?

The order can be canceled as long as it has not yet been fulfilled. However, you cannot cancel around 15 minutes before the opening of the trading session (9:15-9:30 AM) and about 2 minutes before the closing (2:48-2:50 PM).

Does the platform charge a fee?

You don’t have to pay a penny to use GStocks PH. Take note, however, that taxes are also an important consideration when selling stocks.


By creating a GStocks PH account, we can put our understanding of stocks into practice. It was a comprehensive lesson on registering, topping up, withdrawing, and buying and selling stocks in lots using the platform.

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