Experience the Vibrant World of Color Game Live Perya with GCash in 2023

Color Game Live Perya with GCash

The Color Game is a similar game to the one played at fairs by Casino Plus, in addition to baccarat.

Please note that this is not intended to trick people into gambling online. The decision to play games of chance comes down to managing your appetite with regard to gambling. If you feel comfortable losing money, please gamble with it.

A perya favorite, the Color Game, is now available at Hotel Stotsenberg, otherwise known as Casino Plus. Besides baccarat and roulette, they offer sports betting and slots.

I’m having trouble playing Color Game Live Perya with GCash. What should I do?

Color Games involve three dice, each of which has six colors on each face – white, blue, pink, yellow, red, and green. Betting on the dice’s color is the objective of the game. A winning bet is won if the dice show the color you have bet on.

Double winnings are gained if a color appears more than once. In order to up the ante, the winnings multiplier is increased to x60 once a single color appears on all dice.

During each game, the big dice are rolled after a 30 second betting round. The percentages of colors that have appeared since the game began will also be displayed alongside the results of previous rounds.

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Color Game Live Perya with GCash

There are no complicated rules to the game, and it is accessible to everyone just like Bingo.

How do you deal with stuck dice?

A new round will be started once the dice are reset by the official game handler.

If I get at least one color in a round, what are my chances of winning?

One sixth of the time, a particular color will appear. Among the three dice rolled, it is 50% likely that this color will appear (1/6+1/6+1/6) which is 1/6+1/6+1/6 = 0.5.

In addition, these odds are the best available for this game. In the long run, you are more likely to lose money if consistently betting on two or more colors.

Color Game Live Perya with GCash

Also, one has a 0.466% chance of getting 1 color if all 3 dice are rolled together at once. Getting the x60 multiplier definitely requires luck.

Casino Plus: What does it mean?

GLife offers e-gaming merchants like Casino Plus. In Clark, Pampanga, there is a hotel/casino called Hotel Stotsenberg. GLife has integrated with GCash for online payments and withdrawals for their new casino online, as well as GLife for GLife online direct payments and withdrawals. Moreover, they are PAGCOR-certified similarly to BingoPlus, ArenaPlus, OKBet, Sportsplus, and InPlay, other GLife e-gaming partners.

Casino Plus offers what games?

Their main games are table games with live dealers like Baccarat and Roulette. They also offer some casino games like slot machines. Aside from Color Game and Tong-its, they have also been experimenting with simpler and more accessible games.

There are also games available for sports betting. Although it’s better to go with ArenaPlus or OKBet if you like sports betting as they both have a better look and feel since they specialize in this area.

What is the registration process for Color Game?

The GLife website or the GLife app can be used to register. Using GLife will save you time since you will not have to register. Your details will only be shared with Color Game if you opt-in. GCash receives your information when you opt in and complete the verification process.

The minimum age to play GCash is 21 years old and you must be fully verified. The only way to access your GLife account is from within GCash. GLife cannot be accessed with a website account and then used as a login.

GLife Account Creation for Color Game Live Perya

  1. The GLife button is located on the main page of GCash.
  2. The Color Game Live Perya can be found in GLife either by searching directly for it or by clicking on the Play Games button.
  3. The Color Game main screen will appear once you accept the opt-in page.
Color Game Live Perya with GCash

Color Game allows me to deposit funds. How do I do that?

GCash wallet funds are required first. Cash-in can be done in a variety of ways if needed. The limits of your outgoing wallet determine your deposit limits.

Funds can be deposited in the Color Game Live Perya

  1. Click the Deposit button on the main page of Color Game.
  2. Tap Confirm to confirm your deposit or enter the amount from the deposit pop-up.
  3. A page with the GCash payment options will appear. Deposit the amount you have agreed upon.
  4. You will be taken back to the main page with the deposit reflected in the Current Balance after clicking on Done on the Payment Successful page.
Color Game Live Perya with GCash

Color Game allows you to withdraw your funds. How do I do this?

The minimum withdrawal amount is Php 50, however, you can withdraw your funds at any time. Your wallet limits determine the withdrawal limits as well.

Casino Plus – Withdrawing funds

  1. You can withdraw money from Casino Plus by clicking Withdraw on the main page.
  2. Tap the Add to Wallet button and enter your withdrawal amount. Click Confirm to confirm your withdrawal.
  3. A pop-up will appear stating that the withdrawal has been successful. Your funds will arrive once they have been processed.
Color Game Live Perya with GCash

What is Color Game all about?

Open a browser by clicking Play Game to access the Color Game Live Perya page. Upon entering, you can choose from different rooms. The minimum bet limit varies from room to room.

In addition, the Baccarat and Roulette rooms are accessible from there.

Color Game Live Perya with GCash


As another popular game from Casino Plus in GLife, Color Game Live Perya was also discussed, as well as how easy it is to sign up and start playing. The types of games you can play on Color Game Live Perya as well as how to deposit and withdraw funds were also discussed. As well as explaining the rules of Color Game, I also shared how to play it.

Bingo Plus specializes in Bingo, similar to Casino Plus, which offers live Baccarat and Roulette games.


Can I earn real money playing online games?

Mobile users can win cash prizes with Blackout Bingo on Android and iOS devices. Each round takes just two minutes and is free, making it one of our favorite real money games. Similar game cards and balls are seen by other players.

What is the game “Philippines color” like?

Color games are simple to play. There were six colors on the betting table: green, red, blue, pink, white, and yellow. My chances are determined by three dice. Any dice that show my color win.

Are there any game apps in the Philippines that pay real money?

The Big Big Cash app is similar to the Lucky Miner app, which offers suggested apps and games that can be downloaded and played to earn points worth money. My pocket money, my cash city, and money planet are among the apps.

Color code game: what is it?

A see-through tile contains 18 boldly colored shapes. Create an exact composition based on your challenge by stacking tiles! This is a great resource for learning colors, shapes, order, and orientation.

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